Aspose.Slides for Java 19.11 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESJAVA-37450 Use Aspose.Slides for .NET 19.11 features Feature
SLIDESNET-39130 Improve handling of embedded OLE objects in Presentation Feature
SLIDESNET-41340 Chart become image on cloning shape Enhancement
SLIDESNET-41401 Text get overlapped in generated shape thumbnail Enhancement
SLIDESJAVA-36467 Support for extracting OLE data from presentation Enhancement
SLIDESJAVA-37840 On conversion to PDF the “The given key was not present in the dictionary.” exception has been thrown Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37647 Equation text overlap in generated HTML Thumbnails Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37736 PptxReadException on saving to PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37849 Increase the quality of Thumbnails Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37740 PPTX not properly converted to PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37735 ConnectionSiteIndex values for CalloutWedgeEllipse are incorrect Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37465 PPTX not properly converted to HTML Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37743 Exception on converting PPTX to PNG Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37762 Converting PPTX to PNG generates improper PNG in a multithreaded environment Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37818 Chart legend issue after conversion to PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37836 On conversion to PDF the “Cannot be cast to” exception has been thrown Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37847 Aspose.Slides error with docker Bug

Public API Changes

Obsolete methods addFromSvg have been deleted

Methods IPPImage addFromSvg(String svgContent) and IPPImage addFromSvg(String svgContent, IExternalResourceResolver externalResResolver, String baseUri) have been removed from ImageCollection class and corresponding IImageCollection interface.

Please use method addImage(ISvgImage svgImage) instead.