Aspose.Slides for Java 20.3 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
SLIDESNET-41551 Keep the sequence of numbered list that has NumberedBulletStartWith    Enhancement
SLIDESJAVA-38014 Support to get progress of rendering and terminate any thread Feature
SLIDESJAVA-38056 Memory Leak in Slides Module Investigation
SLIDESJAVA-38006 PPTX to PDF: Text is improperly rendered in Linux environment Enhancement
SLIDESJAVA-38068 Textbox with ‘Soft Edges’ Format Appears Dark in PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38062 Saving PPTX removes image Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38008 Slide thumbnail: Rotated shapes do not show fill pattern Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38070 Conversion to PDF fails with exception “Referenced character was not allowed in XML” Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38011 Exception: PptUnsupportedFormatException on exporting PPS/POT to PDF in MAC (Java) Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38012 Slide thumbnail generation takes more time on rendering Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38002 SVG export, only width and height parts can be read Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38048 ODP to PPTX - Images flip in direction Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37874 SVG not properly generated from Presentation Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38001 Shape improperly exported in generated SVG Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38028 Different errors on calling the function on AWS Lambda multiple times Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38034 PPT to PDF key already present in dictionary Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38039 PPT to PDF Referenced character was not allowed in XML Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38053 Issue with the group animations after resave Bug
SLIDESJAVA-36593 Pptx not properly converted to svg Bug
SLIDESJAVA-33552 The shapes have text color changed from white to black in cloned slides Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37455 Pptx not properly converted to Html Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37873 Shape svg not properly generated Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38010 ArgumentException on generating slide thumbnail Bug