Aspose.Slides for Java 20.6 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

SLIDESNET-33764 Support for Open Type Font (OTF) in Aspose.Slides Feature
SLIDESNET-41930 Pptx to Html: Slide converted to PNG image when NotesPosition is set Enhancement
SLIDESNET-41703 Text failed to extract in generated presentation Enhancement
SLIDESNET-41702 Can’t extract all text from slides Enhancement
SLIDESNET-41892 Faulty link in web view of PDF file Enhancement
SLIDESNET-41509 Conversion to PDF - accessibility standards Feature
SLIDESNET-41023 PDF/UA compliance support Feature
SLIDESNET-40996 Tagged PDF export Feature
SLIDESNET-37215 getAllTextBoxes not getting text from table Enhancement
SLIDESJAVA-38084 Support for Open Type Font (OTF) in Aspose.Slides Feature
SLIDESJAVA-37951 Use Aspose.Slides for Net 20.6 features Enhancement

Other Improvements and Changes

SLIDESJAVA-38017 Compatability support for Open JDK 11 and Open JDK 13 in Aspose.Slides Investigation
SLIDESJAVA-38104 PPT to PDF: Different PDF results for same presentation on two exactly similar machines Investigation
SLIDESJAVA-38117 PPTX to PDF OOM and poor performance Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38112 KeyNotFoundException is thrown on merging slides Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38108 Java Iterator contract seems to be broken in Aspose Slides collections Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38103 Slide thumbnails are not properly generated Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38099 Issue while converting PPTX to PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38098 “Cannot create graphic object from indexed image format” when rendering slide on grayscale bitmap Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38080 Unknown Source exception on exporting to PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-37745 Bryant font is changed to Calibri after saving slide as html Bug
SLIDESJAVA-36940 Can’t extract all text from slides Bug
SLIDESJAVA-36566 Text failed to extract in generated presentation Bug
SLIDESJAVA-35246 getAllTextBoxes not getting text from table Bug

Public API Changes

New methods setRecoverWorkbookFromChartCache and getRecoverWorkbookFromChartCache have been added to SpreadsheetOptions

New methods setRecoverWorkbookFromChartCache() and getRecoverWorkbookFromChartCache() have been added to SpreadsheetOptions. If the data source of the chart is an external workbook and it’s not available, it will be recovered from the chart cache.

LoadOptions lo = new LoadOptions();

Presentation pres = new Presentation("Presentation.pptx", lo);
try {
    IChart chart = (IChart)pres.getSlides().get_Item(0).getShapes().get_Item(0);
    IChartDataWorkbook wb = chart.getChartData().getChartDataWorkbook();
} finally {
    if (pres != null) pres.dispose();

iteratorJava() method has been added to IGenericCollection interface and several collection classes

iteratorJava() method has been added to IGenericCollection interface and following classes:

This method allows to get an iterator that is fully complied with the Java Iterator logic.