Aspose.Slides for Java 21.11 Release Notes

Key Summary Category Related Documentation
SLIDESNET-42576 Implement modern comments Feature
SLIDESJAVA-38252 Use Aspose.Slides for Net 21.11 features Enhancement
SLIDESJAVA-38640 Asterisk appears when extracting text from slide masters and layouts Bug
SLIDESJAVA-36410 3D chart rotation effects are missing in exported thumbnail Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38076 Specifying First Slide Number break Hyperlinks in PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38158 Text indentation is lost in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38015 Support for getting portions list inside any column of text frame Feature
SLIDESJAVA-38611 Background changes when converting PPTX to ODP Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38550 Incorrect formatting of images after resaving presentation Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38583 Shadow alignment doesn’t fit text after converting PPTX to PDF Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38633 Text becomes bold after converting presentation to SVG Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38632 PPTX to HTML conversion does not end Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38581 Incorrect rendering when converting PDFs with external fonts Bug

Public API Changes

Modern Comments are now supported

We implemented support for PowerPoint Modern Comments.

For modern comments, we added the ModernComment class. We added the AddModernComment and InsertModernComment methods to CommentCollection. Using these methods, you can add a modern comment to a slide.

This code snippet demonstrates the addition of a modern comment to a slide:

Presentation pres = new Presentation();
try {
    ICommentAuthor newAuthor = pres.getCommentAuthors().addAuthor("Some Author", "SA");
    IModernComment modernComment = newAuthor.getComments().addModernComment("This is a modern comment", pres.getSlides().get_Item(0), null, new Point2D.Float(100, 100), new Date());"pres.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);
} finally {
    if (pres != null) pres.dispose();

Obsolete enumeration SlideOrienation has been removed

Obsolete enumeration SlideOrienation has been removed. Use the SlideOrientation enumeration instead.

IMathElement.GetChildren has been added

GetChildren method has been added to the IMathElement interface.

Method declaration:

 * <p>
 * Get children elements
 * </p>
public IMathElement[] getChildren();

Usage example:

private static void forEachMathElement(IMathElement root)
    for (IMathElement child : root.getChildren())
        //do some action with child

        // forEachMathElem(child);