Converting Presentation to TIFF in Python

Aspose.Slides - Converting Presentation to TIFF

To Convert Presentation to TIFF using Aspose.Slides Java for Python. Here you can see example code.

Python Code

 def convert_with_default_size(self):

pres = self.Presentation

pres = pres(self.dataDir + "Aspose.pptx")

\# Saving the PPTX presentation to Tiff format

save_format = self.SaveFormat + "Aspose.tiff", save_format.Tiff)

print "Document has been converted, please check the output file."

def convert_with_custom_size(self):

\# Instantiate a Presentation object that represents a PPTX file

pres= self.Presentation

pres = pres(self.dataDir + "Aspose.pptx")

\# Instantiate the TiffOptions class

opts = self.TiffOptions()

\# Setting compression type

tiff_compression_types = self.TiffCompressionTypes

opts.setCompressionType (tiff_compression_types.Default)

#Setting image DPI



\# Set Image Size

opts.setImageSize(self.Dimension(1728, 1078))

\# Save the presentation to TIFF with specified image size

save_format = self.SaveFormat + "Aspose-Custom-Size.tiff", save_format.Tiff,opts)

print "Document has been converted, please check the output file."

Download Running Code

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