Convert Presentation Slides to Image using Apache POI and Aspose.Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint - Convert Presentation Slides to Image

Following are the steps involved for saving presentation slides as images.

  1. Open the presentation you want its slides to be saved as images.
  2. In the File menu, click Save As Pictures….
  3. Select the file format and provide desired name. 
  4. Folder with the provided name will be created having separate image file(s) for each slide.

Aspose.Slides - Convert Presentation Slides to Image

Convert Presentation Slides to Tiff Image using Aspose.Slides

//Instantiate a PresentationEx object that represents a PPTX file
Presentation pres = new Presentation("presentation.pptx");

//Instantiate the TiffOptions class
TiffOptions opts = new TiffOptions();

//Set Image Size
opts.setImageSize(new Dimension(500, 400));

//Save the presentation to TIFF with specified image size"Aspose_PPT-TIFF.tiff", SaveFormat.Tiff, opts);

Apache POI SL - Convert Presentation Slides to Image

PPTX2PNG converting slides to images

// Convert the slides to PNG files
PPTX2PNG.main(new String[]{"presentation.pptx"});

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