Aspose.Slides for .NET 17.2.0 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESNET-38125 Check whether presentations master slides are identical Feature
SLIDESNET-33650 Identifying the merged cells in Table Feature
SLIDESNET-34143 Refactor charts implementation Feature
SLIDESNET-38316 Insufficient header length error Bug
SLIDESNET-38371 Unable to edit data in chart after just opening and saving presentation (without modification) Bug
SLIDESNET-38329 Exception on converting pptx to pdf Bug
SLIDESNET-38328 Presentation file not converted properly to pdf Bug
SLIDESNET-38325 Exception on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-38323 Footer is changed after saving ppt Bug
SLIDESNET-38321 Cloning a chart object creates a corrupted chart Bug
SLIDESNET-38315 Ole frame un-editable when saving presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-38306 Problem while converting ppt to pdf Bug
SLIDESNET-38300 System.ArgumentException on saving PPTX to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-38291 When PPT is loaded and saved, the date format is changed Bug
SLIDESNET-38288 After load and save of PPT file, the footer disappears. Bug
SLIDESNET-38287 Exception on saving ppt Bug
SLIDESNET-38281 Footer text color and font changed after saving Bug
SLIDESNET-38278 Exception on saving ppt Bug
SLIDESNET-38274 Pptx not properly converted to pdf Bug
SLIDESNET-38271 Hyperlink and tool tip text change for hyperlink on saving presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-38267 Bold effect not applied Bug
SLIDESNET-38264 Pptx not properly converted to pdf Bug
SLIDESNET-38250 ReadWorkbookStream method returns empty workbook Bug
SLIDESNET-38237 Exception on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-38229 Hyperlink Value changed for portion text Bug
SLIDESNET-38228 Animation effect gets corrupt on changing paragraph text Bug
SLIDESNET-38221 Ppt changed after saving Bug
SLIDESNET-38212 External Hyperlink is not getting set for text Bug
SLIDESNET-38203 Vector images background changed Bug
SLIDESNET-38202 Ppt changed after saving Bug
SLIDESNET-38176 Hyperlink (URLs) with Unicode text becomes with duplicates characters Bug
SLIDESNET-38171 Font looks bold on rendering Bug
SLIDESNET-38152 Instead of some images “no image” placeholder rendered for x86 build Bug
SLIDESNET-38085 Incorrect link detection Bug
SLIDESNET-38075 Shaped removed after saving ppt Bug
SLIDESNET-36620 Argument exception on loading the presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-36373 Text color changed after saving presentation. Bug
SLIDESNET-36372 Protected view message thrown on opening saved presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-35825 Conversion to PPT fails with exception PPT presentation can’t contains more than 8 placeholders in one slide. Bug
SLIDESNET-35824 Empty pages generated when converting ODP to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-35587 Hyperlink to absolute file path doesn’t work for PowerPoint 2007 Bug
SLIDESNET-35542 Category axis labels are missing or improperly rendered in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-35489 Error on opening the generated PDF file from PPT file Bug
SLIDESNET-35179 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on reading Hyperlink text Bug
SLIDESNET-35000 Improper gradient rendering in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-33748 Font Rotation does not set the value for rotated font Bug

Public API Changes

Equals method has been added to IBaseSlide interface and BaseSlide class

Method signature:

bool Equals(IBaseSlide slide);

It returns true for the slides / layout slides / master slides which identical by its structure and static content. Two slides are equal if all shapes, styles, texts, animation and other settings. etc. are equal. The comparison doesn’t take into account unique identifier values, e.g. SlideId and dynamic content, e.g. current date value in Date Placeholder.

Example code snippet:

using(Presentation presentation1 = new Presentation(@"SomePresentation1.pptx"))
using(Presentation presentation2 = new Presentation(@"SomePresentation2.pptx"))
  for (int i = 0; i < presentation1.Masters.Count; i++)
    for (int j = 0; j < presentation2.Masters.Count; j++)
      if (presentation1.Masters[i].Equals(presentation2.Masters[j]))
        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("SomePresentation1 MasterSlide#{0} is equal to SomePresentation2 MasterSlide#{1}", i, j));

IsMergedCell property has been added to ICell interface and Cell class

ICell.IsMergedCell property returns true if the cell is merged with any adjusted cell, false otherwise. It can be used to identify merged cells across the table.

Code snippet for output all merged cells in a table:

using(Presentation pres = new Presentation("SomePresentationWithTable.pptx"))
  ITable table = pres.Slides[0].Shapes[0] as ITable; // assuming that Slide#0.Shape#0 is a table
  for (int i = 0; i < table.Rows.Count; i++)
    for (int j = 0; j < table.Columns.Count; j++)
      ICell currentCell = table.Rows[i][j];
      if (currentCell.IsMergedCell)
        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Cell {0};{1} is a part of merged cell with RowSpan={2} and ColSpan={3} starting from Cell {4};{5}.",
            i, j, currentCell.RowSpan, currentCell.ColSpan, currentCell.FirstRowIndex, currentCell.FirstColumnIndex));