Aspose.Slides for .NET 18.11 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESNET-40224 Add support for Strict Open XML format Feature
SLIDESNET-40512 Support for setting callout shape for series data label Feature
SLIDESNET-40518 Support to get effects by text-box paragraphs Feature
SLIDESNET-40523 Implement serialization with Strict Open XML format compliance Feature
SLIDESNET-40613 ChartData SetRange on a Pivot Table Feature
SLIDESNET-39749 The extra space added after bullet list item Bug
SLIDESNET-39774 Extra space added in the slide title after open/save presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40630 When presentation is loaded and saved, Shape.OfficeInteropShapeId property is changed. Bug
SLIDESNET-32095 Glows effects lost on exporting to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-32257 Gradient and shadow effects are lost for SmartArt shape in PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-36930 EndOfStreamException on loading PPT with macros Bug
SLIDESNET-37020 Logo missing on generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-37252 Background of image changes to blue in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-37393 Exception on presentation load Bug
SLIDESNET-37487 Soft edges effects are lost in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-37628 Exception while PPTX to PDF/A-1b conversion Bug
SLIDESNET-38069 Missing Navigatorshape in PDF and HTML Bug
SLIDESNET-38480 The footer’s font has changed after loading and saving Bug
SLIDESNET-39234 PPTX not properly converted to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40069 Issue on converting PPTX file to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40077 PDF not properly generated after addclone Bug
SLIDESNET-40104 PptRead exception on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40108 Transparency not applied in generated result Bug
SLIDESNET-40111 Missing Puzzle Shape in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40186 PPTX to PDF not properly converted Bug
SLIDESNET-40191 Aspose.Slides creator information of deleted comments disappears Bug
SLIDESNET-40218 PPTX not properly converted to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40223 PPT to html not properly converted Bug
SLIDESNET-40480 Blank image appearing in exported PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40488 PPT Chart values are getting changed Bug
SLIDESNET-40495 Animations getting lost while changing text in a placeholder Bug
SLIDESNET-40514 Exception on adding sections Bug
SLIDESNET-40536 OverflowException on saving presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40560 InvalidDataException on saving presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40562 Images are improperly rendered in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40573 Wrong chart data point fill color is returned on accessing Bug
SLIDESNET-40584 Bacground rendered wrong Bug
SLIDESNET-40590 PptxReadException on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40594 Chart lines are improperly rendered in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-40614 Exception on saving charts from PPTX to PPT Bug
SLIDESNET-40618 PPT file failed to load and throw exception “An entry with the same key already exists” Bug
SLIDESNET-40631 Chart is improperly rendered in generated PDF Bug

Public API Changes

GetEffectsByParagraph method has been added to Sequence class and ISequence interface

GetEffectsByParagraph method has been added to Sequence class and ISequence interface.

It returns the array of effects for the specified text paragraph.

IEffect[] GetEffectsByParagraph(IParagraph paragraph);

Usage example:

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation(path + "presentation.pptx"))
  ISequence sequence = pres.Slides[0].Timeline.MainSequence;
  IAutoShape autoShape = (IAutoShape)pres.Slides[0].Shapes[0];
  foreach (IParagraph paragraph in autoShape.TextFrame.Paragraphs)
    IEffect[] effects = sequence.GetEffectsByParagraph(paragraph);
	if (effects.Length > 0)
      Console.WriteLine("Paragraph \"" + paragraph.Text + "\" has " + effects[0].Type + " effect.");

Saving the presentation with Strict and Transitional conformance class option has been added

A new Conformance property has been added to PptxOptions class. It allows saving the presentation with Strict and Transitional Open XML Presentation conformance class.

PptxOptions.Conformance property is of type Conformance enumeration. This enum consists of three members:

  • Ecma376_2006 - Specifies that the document conforms to the ECMA376:2006.
  • Iso29500_2008_Transitional - Specifies that the document conforms to the ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Transitional conformance class.
  • Iso29500_2008_Strict - Specifies that the document conforms to the ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Strict conformance class.

Conformance property has value “Ecma376_2006” by default.

For example, the following code allows saving the presentation in Strict format.

using (Presentation presentation = new Presentation("Presentation.pptx"))
  PptxOptions opt = new PptxOptions() { Conformance = Conformance.Iso29500_2008_Strict };
  presentation.Save("PresOut.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx, opt);