Aspose.Slides for .NET 18.12 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESNET-40531 Font rendered by version 17.10 is no longer found by 18.7 Bug
SLIDESNET-40533 OutOfMemoryException on generating thumbnail (metafile rendering) Bug
SLIDESNET-40084 EMF images are rendered wrong Bug
SLIDESNET-40554 Wrong font substitution Bug
SLIDESNET-38310 Cell borders are missing on thumbnail when it is generated in original size Bug
SLIDESNET-38546 PPTX not converted properly to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-39716 Table disappears while converting PPT to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40607 Exception on saving PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-40626 Wrong values returned by IPortion GetCoordinates() Bug
SLIDESNET-40629 Corrupt Embedded excel file in PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-40632 Chart is improperly rendered in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40638 Presentation repair message on loading Aspose generated presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40639 PPTX not properly converted to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40642 Chart is improperly rendered in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40658 Heading with URL removed in saved presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40669 PPT text box changed from one line to two lines Bug

Public API Changes

No change.