Aspose.Slides for .NET 18.5 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESNET-39148 Support for setting custom position for child nodes in SmartArt Feature
SLIDESNET-39950 Set Number of Nodes on Row level Feature
SLIDESNET-40035 Rendering comments from ODP format Feature
SLIDESNET-34530 Saving presentation to PDF takes huge time or fails to convert for a PPTX with 300 slides Bug
SLIDESNET-39620 PPTX consumes 14.4GB memory, or exception on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40033 PPTX to PDF - Embedded font gets substituted Bug
SLIDESNET-40017 NotImplementedException occurs while trying to read metadata from PPS file Bug
SLIDESNET-40021 Improper export of radial gradient to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-33512 The logo image is improperly rendered in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-34788 Wrong justify alignment on thumbnails Bug
SLIDESNET-36975 Font size and text box color changed on load and save Bug
SLIDESNET-37056 Incorrect portion OuterShadow color Bug
SLIDESNET-39655 Slow performance when exporting presentation with Charts to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-39873 Aspose.Slides takes long team to load 60 Mb presentations Bug
SLIDESNET-39969 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-39971 Wrong ClsidIndicator field value in OLEStream. on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-39972 ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists on loading the presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-39973 NotImplementedException on loading the presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-39974 ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Cannot be negative is thrown on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-39975 NullPointer Exception on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-39979 ArgumentOutOfRangeException on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-39994 IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown on loading the presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40057 Bubble Chart not being updated in generated thumbnail Bug

Public API Changes

Support for setting X and Y properties has been added to SmartArtShape class

Aspose.Slides for .NET versions from 14.9 to 17.6 did not support RawFrame, Frame, Rotation, X, Y, Width and Height properties of SmartArtShape class and thrown System.NotSupportedException on attempt of setting them. Since Aspose.Slides for .NET version 17.7 SmartArtShape supports setting Frame, Rotation, Width and Height properties.

Now in Aspose.Slides for .NET version 18.5 support for setting SmartArtShape X and Y properties has been added.

The code snippet below shows how to set custom SmartArtShape position, size and rotation (please note that adding new nodes causes a recalculation of the positions and sizes of all nodes):

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation())
  ISmartArt smart = pres.Slides[0].Shapes.AddSmartArt(20, 20, 600, 500, SmartArtLayoutType.OrganizationChart);

  // Move SmartArt shape to new position
  ISmartArtNode node = smart.AllNodes[1];
  ISmartArtShape shape = node.Shapes[1];
  shape.X += (shape.Width * 2);
  shape.Y -= (shape.Height / 2);

  // Change SmartArt shape's widths
  node = smart.AllNodes[2];
  shape = node.Shapes[1];
  shape.Width += (shape.Width / 2);

  // Change SmartArt shape's height
  node = smart.AllNodes[3];
  shape = node.Shapes[1];
  shape.Height += (shape.Height / 2);

  // Change SmartArt shape's rotation
  node = smart.AllNodes[4];
  shape = node.Shapes[1];
  shape.Rotation = 90;

  pres.Save(path + "SmartArt.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);