Aspose.Slides for .NET 18.9 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESNET-40428 Add Clone Method throws exception Investigation
SLIDESNET-40448 The performance issue regarding GetThumbnail method Improvement
SLIDESNET-40430 The last legend is missing in PDF rendition Bug
SLIDESNET-40432 An extra value is added in the last legend Bug
SLIDESNET-40433 The chart legends are wrapped into two lines Bug
SLIDESNET-40510 An exception raises when saving to PDF_A1B compliant output. Bug
SLIDESNET-40455 The image inside presentation isn’t the same in ODP output. Bug
SLIDESNET-35125 Footer not Visible when setting using Metacharacters Bug
SLIDESNET-40194 Add SVG to Slide results in blank Bug
SLIDESNET-40275 Text failed to replace for PPT in saved presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40388 The chart disappears when exporting to PPT Bug
SLIDESNET-40397 CustomDataParts are lost after Cloning a Slide Bug
SLIDESNET-40404 PptxReadException on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40418 NullReferenceException in AggregatedDataPointCollection on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40419 Chart missing in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-40420 Chart missing in generated HTML Bug
SLIDESNET-40426 NullPointer Exception on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40435 Chart title failed to get extracted Bug
SLIDESNET-40436 Exception on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40441 Images are rotated in exported PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40443 TextPortion Color is not cloned properly Bug
SLIDESNET-40444 FormatException while executing ValidateChartLayout method Bug
SLIDESNET-40451 Exception on converting PPTX to PPT Bug
SLIDESNET-40452 There is a problem with charts conversion from PPT to PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-40471 Wrong hyperlink result Bug
SLIDESNET-40474 OLE frame failed to get opened in PowerPoint after slide clone Bug
SLIDESNET-40482 PPT not properly converted to PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-40497 ArgumentOutOfRangeException on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40515 Repair message on removing the OLE Frames Bug

Public API Changes

No change