Aspose.Slides for .NET 19.2 Release Notes

SLIDESNET-40633Support for Morph Transition featureFeature
SLIDESNET-40783Support for setting Transparency property for shadow effectsFeature
SLIDESNET-40574Incorrect shape height is returned for shapeBug
SLIDESNET-39541Wrong text wrapping in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40129Some shapes have trimmed text in the output PDF documentBug
SLIDESNET-40720PPTX to PDF - chart differencesBug
SLIDESNET-35520Text breaks into extra lines inside generated slide thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-36652Indentation issue on presentation load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-39217Headline shade color is changed after loading and saving itBug
SLIDESNET-34378Subscript text is improperly rendered in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-34497CellEx.Height and Table.GetRowHeight returns inaccurate valuesBug
SLIDESNET-34567Text improperly rendered in generated ImageBug
SLIDESNET-34688Text improperly rendered in PDF/A using Aspose.SlidesBug
SLIDESNET-34758Title text improperly rendered in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-35159Underlined text improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-35517Text is improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-35937Title placeholder text getting improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-36183Text with CJK characters improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-37250Wrong text wrapping in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-37251Wrong text wrapping in generated thumbnail and PDFBug
SLIDESNET-37279Incorrect text in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-37308Wrong text wrapping in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-37325Japanese character widths differ in PDF outputBug
SLIDESNET-38071File not render properlyBug
SLIDESNET-38193PPTX to image conversionBug
SLIDESNET-38309Renders of utf8mb4 characters slightly different which leads to overall invalid rendering resultsBug
SLIDESNET-38409Slide is improperly rendered in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-38494Wrong text wrapping in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-38531Title should be in one rowBug
SLIDESNET-38533There are unnecessary empty spaces between lettersBug
SLIDESNET-38953PPT file not properly converted to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-39015Page Number size changes after saving PPTBug
SLIDESNET-39188Text is improperly rendered in exported PDFBug
SLIDESNET-39384The slide thumbnail is improperly generatedBug
SLIDESNET-39402Word wrap is changing when saving Presentation as PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40110Fill pattern issue in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40575Incorrect Table HeightBug
SLIDESNET-40624Thumbnails not properly generated from PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-40660Text footer disappeared after load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-40691Presentation repair message on loading Aspose generated presentationBug
SLIDESNET-40700ArgumentOutOfRange Exception on accessing chart workbookBug
SLIDESNET-40708Wrong alignment in thumbnails generated from charts PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-40762PPTX with large video files corrupts videoBug
SLIDESNET-40767Transparency is lost when converting PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40768LinkPathLong of IOleObjectFrame Object has Invalid ValueBug
SLIDESNET-40771ODP file not properly converted to PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-40772Thumbnails are not properly generatedBug
SLIDESNET-40774ODP file not properly converted to PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-40778Chart missing in generated thumbnailsBug
SLIDESNET-40779Exception is thrown when re-open a PPT file using Aspose Slides 18.12Bug
SLIDESNET-40790Wrong axis labels rotationBug
SLIDESNET-40791Data labels on thumbnail are different from originalBug
SLIDESNET-40792Wrong scales step on horizontal axisBug
SLIDESNET-40808Image missing in exported PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40809PptReadException on loading the presentationBug
SLIDESNET-40810Aspose.Slides hang on saving to PPTBug
SLIDESNET-40811StackOverflow exception on loading the PPTBug
SLIDESNET-40812PPTX to PDF not properly convertedBug
SLIDESNET-40813PPTX to PDF not properly convertedBug
SLIDESNET-40815Invalid picture gradient in SVGBug
SLIDESNET-40820InvalidCastException on generating ThumbnailsBug
SLIDESNET-40833PPT text indent change after load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-40836PPT changed after load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-40838Slide.renderToGraphics() throws ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionBug
SLIDESNET-40840InvalidOperationException on converting PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40863Exception on loading PPTBug

Public API Changes

MorphTransition class and IMorphTransition interface have been added

Aspose.Slides.SlideShow.IMorphTransition interface and it’s implementation by Aspose.Slides.SlideShow.MorphTransition class have been added. They represent new morph transition introduced in PowerPoint 2019.

Morph value has been added into TransitionType enumeration

Aspose.Slides.SlideShow.TransitionType enumeration has been extended with new element Morph related to new PowerPoint 2019 transition Morph.

The code snippet below shows how to add a clone of the slide with some text to the presentation and set a transition of morph type to the second slide:

using(Presentation presentation = new Presentation()) 
  AutoShape autoshape = (AutoShape) presentation.Slides[0].Shapes.AddAutoShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, 100, 100, 400, 100);
  autoshape.TextFrame.Text = "Test text";
  presentation.Slides[1].Shapes[0].X += 100;
  presentation.Slides[1].Shapes[0].Y += 50;
  presentation.Slides[1].Shapes[0].Width -= 200;
  presentation.Slides[1].Shapes[0].Height -= 10;
  presentation.Slides[1].SlideShowTransition.Type = Aspose.Slides.SlideShow.TransitionType.Morph;
  presentation.Save("presentation-out.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);

New TransitionMorphType enum has been added

New Aspose.Slides.SlideShow.TransitionMorphType enum has been added. It represents different types of Morph slide transition.

TransitionMorphType enum has three members:

  • ByObject: Morph transition will be performed considering shapes as indivisible objects.
  • ByWord: Morph transition will be performed with transferring text by words where possible.
  • ByChar: Morph transition will be performed with transferring text by characters where possible.

The code snippet below shows how to set morph transition to slide and change morph type:

using (Presentation presentation = new Presentation("presentation.pptx"))
    presentation.Slides[0].SlideShowTransition.Type = TransitionType.Morph;
    ((IMorphTransition)presentation.Slides[0].SlideShowTransition.Value).MorphType = TransitionMorphType.ByWord;
    presentation.Save("presentation-out.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);