Aspose.Slides for .NET 21.10 Release Notes

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SLIDESNET-42743 Converting presentation to PDF crashes under Linux Docker container Investigation
SLIDESNET-42515 Support of Full Pyramid column shape for 3-D Column and 3-D Bar Charts Feature
SLIDESNET-41114 Converting PPTX to HTML with transitions Feature
SLIDESNET-40217 Convert ppt to html with links Feature
SLIDESNET-42819 System.TypeInitializationException on instantiating Presentation object Bug
SLIDESNET-42799 PPTX to PDF - missing data Bug
SLIDESNET-42795 3D model is missing when converting PPTX to PDF Bug <>
SLIDESNET-42789 Chart is not refreshed when updating chart data Bug
SLIDESNET-42784 Hyperlinks are missing when converting PPTX to HTML Bug
SLIDESNET-42783 Saving presentation throws InvalidOperationException after cloning slides Bug
SLIDESNET-42773 Changing Alt text title gets lost after saving presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-42770 Chart with 3D effect is missing when converting presentation to PDF Bug <>
SLIDESNET-42766 Presentation with EMF image is not exported to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-42764 Text loses formatting after pptx to odp conversion Bug
SLIDESNET-42761 Presentation.GetThumbnails throws ExternalException: “A generic error occurred in GDI+” Bug
SLIDESNET-42759 Text portions with Chinese characters placed incorrectly when converting PPTX to HTML Bug
SLIDESNET-42749 Text line is broken when converting presentation to SVG Bug
SLIDESNET-42744 The text on a slide bitmap is rendered with an indent. Bug
SLIDESNET-42737 Cloned chart is not updated when viewing presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-42725 Chart legend is cut when converting slide from PPTX to JPEG Bug
SLIDESNET-42700 Converting to PDF fails with ZlibException exception ?Bad state (oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree)? Bug
SLIDESNET-42542 Chart and text are rotated when generating slide thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-41433 Zoom out animation changes during slide transition on saving Bug
SLIDESNET-40505 Issue when saving ppt as html Bug
SLIDESNET-39359 Chart is improperly rendered in exported PDF Bug <>
SLIDESNET-39060 Problem with resizing of generated HTML in IE Bug
SLIDESNET-38452 Text position will be folded when converted in SVG format Bug
SLIDESNET-38301 After load and save PPT file to PPT/PPTX, the after animation effects are lost Bug
SLIDESNET-37966 Placeholder Type not detecting in Ppt file Bug
SLIDESNET-37331 Bold style did not get applied on text Bug
SLIDESNET-36717 Non-MS-Office file types are OLE packaged and getting Ole data from them is not working Bug
SLIDESNET-36105 Slides get distorted on changing the page size in exported PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-35876 Hebrew characters are rendered with wrong fonts Bug
SLIDESNET-35871 Distortion in slide text when converted to PDF/A-1B Bug
SLIDESNET-35581 Embedding OleObjects fails for Pdf and Pptx documents Bug
SLIDESNET-34967 Arrows are improperly rendered in generaed thumbnail with custom dimensions Bug
SLIDESNET-34124 The table improperly rendered in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-34123 Wrong text wrapping in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-33291 3-D effects on shapes is lost in generated thumbnails Bug