Aspose.Slides for .NET 21.3 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category Related Documentation
SLIDESNET-42431 Memory is not released after saving presentation Investigation
SLIDESNET-37087 Support for converting slides to html with inline css Feature
SLIDESNET-36065 Transitions and animations rendering Feature
SLIDESNET-35396 Converting presentation to Html5 Feature
SLIDESNET-41044 Bullets exported as DIV rather UL/OL tags Enhancement
SLIDESNET-42454 Labels are not correctly rendered when exported to PNG Bug
SLIDESNET-42425 Opening ODP/OTP file is taking too much time Bug
SLIDESNET-42420 Slideshow prompts for “Repair” or shows “can’t read” message when opened Bug
SLIDESNET-42418 Exception when saving PPT file to PPT Bug
SLIDESNET-42416 Shapes rendered incorrectly using dockerized application Bug
SLIDESNET-42408 Aspose.Slides giving true for two unequal layout slides Bug
SLIDESNET-42404 Aspose.Slides aborts on files with .EMF content Bug
SLIDESNET-42377 Shape length is increased after Load and Save Bug
SLIDESNET-42328 Wrapped text present on pptx and exported pdf doesn?t match (Win 7) Bug
SLIDESNET-42212 Boxes and other shapes do not export properly when turning a slide into an Image Bug
SLIDESNET-41425 Wrong text wrapping in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-38532 Chart title is dislocated Bug