Aspose.Slides for .NET 21.7 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category Related Documentation
SLIDESNET-42595 NullreferenceException in Presentation.Finalize() Investigation
SLIDESNET-37744 Support for editing points for curve shapes Feature
SLIDESNET-42553 Using cached values for spreadsheet formulas Enhancement
SLIDESNET-36922 Support for all LoadFormats (supported by Aspose.Slides) is missing in LoadFormat enum Enhancement
SLIDESNET-42690 Formula values used in Pie chart data sheet creates exception on saving presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-42658 Text disappears after replacing text portion with another Bug
SLIDESNET-42647 NRE while accessing the FontHeight property in Shapes Bug
SLIDESNET-42638 Loading ODP file throws IndexOutOfRangeException Bug
SLIDESNET-42634 Urdu language is not properly displayed after converting presentation to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-42625 Presentation.Save method hangs when saving presentation to PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-42620 ChartData.SetRange method throws InvalidOperationException Bug
SLIDESNET-42597 GetThumbnail and WriteAsSvg methods throw NullReferenceException Bug <>
SLIDESNET-42564 Page number is 0 when converting shape to image Bug
SLIDESNET-42539 Converting ODP to PPT throws NullReferenceException Bug
SLIDESNET-42507 Formatting issues when converting PPTX to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-38983 Aspose generated PDFs are not displayed properly in AdobeReader or IE Bug <>
SLIDESNET-38352 Ppt not converted properly to pdf Bug
SLIDESNET-38298 When presentation is converted to PDF PdfA1b, the output file is not PDFA compliant. Bug
SLIDESNET-38261 Paragraph indent changes after saving ODP to PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-35189 Presentation theme improperly rendered in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-33935 NullReferenceException when saving presentation in ODP format Bug
SLIDESNET-32094 Bevel effects lost on export to PDF Bug