Aspose.Slides for .NET 22.12 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category Related Documentation
SLIDESNET-43572 PPTX to JPEG: Application hangs upon generating thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-43560 Slide is blank when converting PPTX to HTML Bug
SLIDESNET-43543 Incorrect image of group shape when converting slide to PNG Bug
SLIDESNET-43540 Regression: PPTX to DOCX: Out of memory in Linux Bug <>
SLIDESNET-43520 Saving a presentation throws NullReferenceException Bug
SLIDESNET-43481 The height of a paragraph does not match the actual height Bug
SLIDESNET-43476 Kanji text is not displayed correctly when converting PPTX to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-43465 Slide background is disappearing when converting PPTX to HTML Bug
SLIDESNET-43370 Footer content inconsistency in PPT document Bug
SLIDESNET-41941 Image tiling is disturbed on in exported PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-41462 Image effects are not properly rendered in Tiff Bug
SLIDESNET-40109 3D shapes in flow chart become flat in the PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-40107 Font color changes in generated PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-37359 Incorrect font color Bug <>
SLIDESNET-32096 Fades and Bevel effects lost on exporting to PDF Bug