Aspose.Slides for .NET 22.5 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category Related Documentation
SLIDESNET-35632 Add the support of 3D rotation effects Feature
SLIDESNET-43106 PPTX to PDF conversion does not create correct encoding for Calibri font Enhancement
SLIDESNET-43170 Chart title appears when converting PPTX to PDF/JPEG Bug
SLIDESNET-43151 PPTX to PDF conversion generates incorrect output and throws exception Bug
SLIDESNET-43150 Failure on loading PPT file Bug
SLIDESNET-43148 method throws IndexOutOfBoundsException Bug
SLIDESNET-43147 IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown when saving PPTX to PPT Bug
SLIDESNET-43143 Application hangs when getting thumbnail for a slide Bug
SLIDESNET-43141 Embedded OLE objects are incorrectly marked as linked objects in ODP file Bug
SLIDESNET-43140 Underline is missing when converting a slide to SVG Bug
SLIDESNET-43139 Application hangs when creating thumbnails for 3D shapes Bug <>
SLIDESNET-43128 EMF image is missing when converting PPTX to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-43127 PPTX to HTML: No Image issue Bug
SLIDESNET-43126 3D rotation and shadow lost after GetThumbnail() Bug <>
SLIDESNET-43119 Data removed from donut chart reappears in Legend Bug
SLIDESNET-43100 The modern comments code example in documentation generates a corrupted presentation. Bug
SLIDESNET-43057 PDF export raises “Unsupported secondary axis composition” error Bug
SLIDESNET-43041 Presentation.Images.Count property returns wrong value Bug
SLIDESNET-43029 Each item of a numbered list has the number 1 after rendering to image Bug
SLIDESNET-43023 Image resizing degrades quality if applied to all Bug
SLIDESNET-43011 PowerPoint cannot open embedded files after processing in PPT Bug
SLIDESNET-43004 Number labels on chart do not show correct values Bug
SLIDESNET-42966 Nested comments are not deleted Bug
SLIDESNET-42736 Bullets are not consistent when converting shape to SVG Bug