Data Points of Treemap and Sunburst Chart

Among other types of PowerPoint charts, there are two “hierarchical” types - Treemap and Sunburst chart (also known as Sunburst Graph, Sunburst Diagram, Radial Chart, Radial Graph or Multi Level Pie Chart). These charts display hierarchical data organized as a tree - from leaves to the top of the branch. Leaves are defined by the series data points, and each subsequent nested grouping level defined by the corresponding category. Aspose.Slides for .NET allows to format data points of Sunburst Chart and Treemap in C#.

Here is a Sunburst Chart, where data in Series1 column define the leaf nodes, while other columns define hierarchical datapoints:


Let’s start with adding a new Sunburst chart to the presentation:

If there is a need to format data points of the chart, we should use the following:

IChartDataPointLevelsManagerIChartDataPointLevel classes  and IChartDataPoint.DataPointLevels property  provide access to format data points of Treemap and Sunburst charts.  IChartDataPointLevelsManager is used for accessing multi-level categories - it represents the container of  IChartDataPointLevel objects. Basically it is a wrapper for  IChartCategoryLevelsManager with the properties added specific for data points.  IChartDataPointLevel class has two properties: Format and  DataLabel which provide access to corresponding settings.

Show Data Point Value

Show value of “Leaf 4” data point:


Set Data Point Label and Color

Set “Branch 1” data label to show series name (“Series1”) instead of category name. Then set text color to yellow:


Set Data Point Branch Color

Change color of “Steam 4” branch: