Aspose.Tasks for C++ 20.1 Release Notes

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This page contains release notes information for Aspose.Tasks for C++ 20.1 version.

Aspose.Tasks for C++ is based on the .NET version of the API and provides strictly the same functionality as Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides, excluding printing, database I/O operations, Project Online support, and EMF/WMF format support.

API Features

Aspose.Tasks for С++ 20.1 release now supports the long-awaited feature of saving into the MPP format without preloading of MPP template. So, the next scenario is valid now:

1// It is no longer required to load MPP template to save into MPP format later
2System::SharedPtr<Project> project = System::MakeObject<Project>();
3// add tasks, resources, etc.
5// It is safe to save into MPP, the MPP template will be used internally
6p->Save("project.mpp", SaveFileFormat.MPP);

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