Aspose.Tasks for C++ 22.6 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-10556 Add IsRoot property to Resource object Enhancement
TASKSNET-10553 Add properties to access ResourceAssignment’s Task and Resource Enhancement
TASKSNET-10469 Add support of reading of User Defined Types for Primavera P6 XML format Enhancement
TASKSNET-10554 Fix incorrect calculation of Asn.Finish for assignments with Asn.Units not equal 1 Bug
TASKSNET-10552 Fix NullReference exception when reading/writing file with absent “TBknAssn.Props” stream Bug
TASKSNET-10569 Fix resource rate’s RateTo property is set incorrectly when reading project from Primavera P6 XML format Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were added: Description
Aspose.Tasks.OutlineCode.#ctor(Aspose.Tasks.OutlineCodeDefinition,Aspose.Tasks.OutlineValue) Initializes a new instance of the class using the specified Outline Code and one of its values.
Aspose.Tasks.Resource.IsRoot Gets the flag indicating whether resource is a root resource.
Aspose.Tasks.ResourceAssignment.Task The task to which a resource is assigned.
Aspose.Tasks.ResourceAssignment.Resource The resource assigned to a task.

Examples and additional notes

Related issue: TASKSNET-10553 - Add properties to access ResourceAssignment’s Task and Resource

Task and Resource read-only properties were added for more convenient access to frequently used properties.

auto project = System::MakeObject<Project>(System::String(u"test.mpp"));
auto assignment = project->get_ResourceAssignments()->GetByUid(1);

// Before: 
auto taskName = assignment->Get(Asn::Task())->Get(Tsk::Name());
// After:
auto taskName = assignment->get_Task()->Get(Tsk::Name());