Working with Resource Assignment Budgets

Assignment Budget

The ResourceAssignment class exposes a number of properties for working with an assignment’s budget:

To see assignment budgets in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the Task Usage page, select the Insert menu and then Column.
  2. Add columns.

Getting Assignment Budget with Aspose.Tasks

The following code example demonstrates how to get an assignment budget using Aspose.Tasks.

 1// Create project instance
 2System::SharedPtr<Project> project1 = System::MakeObject<Project>(dataDir + u"ResourceAssignmentBudget.mpp");
 4// Print assignment budget cost and budget work
 7    auto ra_enumerator = (project1->get_ResourceAssignments())->GetEnumerator();
 8    decltype(ra_enumerator->get_Current()) ra;
 9    while (ra_enumerator->MoveNext() && (ra = ra_enumerator->get_Current(), true))
10    {
11        System::Console::WriteLine(ra->Get<System::Decimal>(Asn::BudgetCost()));
12        System::Console::WriteLine(System::ObjectExt::ToString(ra->Get<Duration>(Asn::BudgetWork())));
13    }
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