Assignment Overtime and Remaining Costs

Handling Overtime, Remaining Costs and Work

The Asn class exposes a number of properties for handling an assignment’s overtime, remaining costs and work:

  • OvertimeCost represents the sum of the actual and remaining overtime costs of an assignment (decimal).
  • OvertimeWork represents the scheduled overtime work for an assignment (TimeSpan).
  • RemainingCost represents the remaining projected cost for completing an assignment (decimal).
  • RemainingOvertimeCost represents the remaining projected overtime cost for completing an assignment (decimal).
  • RemainingWork represents the scheduled remaining work for an assignment (TimeSpan).
  • RemainingOvertimeWork represents the scheduled remaining overtime work for an assignment (TimeSpan).

To see assignment overtime, remaining cost and work in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the Task Usage screen, select the Insert menu, then Column.
  2. Add the desired columns.

Getting Assignment Overtimes in Aspose.Tasks

The following code example demonstrates how to get assignment overtimes, remaining costs and work using Aspose.Tasks.

Work Completion Percentage

The PercentWorkComplete property exposed by the Asn class is used to manage the percentage of work completed on an assignment.

  • PercentWorkComplete represents the percentage of the completed work on an assignment (integer).

The following example shows how to get the percentage of work completed on an assignment using Aspose.Tasks.