Convert Project Data to JPEG

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Aspose.Tasks for C++ API lets you save project data to JPEG file format. You can also export the project data to JPEG with specified image quality.

Exporting Project Data to JPEG

1System::SharedPtr<Project> project = System::MakeObject<Project>(dataDir + u"CreateProject2.mpp");
3// in order to manipulate JPEG quality one can use ImageSaveOptions.JpegQuality property.
4// The allowed value range is 0..100.
5auto options = [&]{ auto tmp_0 = System::MakeObject<ImageSaveOptions>(Aspose::Tasks::Saving::SaveFileFormat::JPEG); tmp_0->set_JpegQuality(50); return tmp_0; }();
7project->Save(dataDir + u"image_out.jpeg", System::StaticCast<Aspose::Tasks::Saving::SaveOptions>(options));
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