Updating and Removing Calendar

Replacing a Calendar

Calendars are used to see whether resources are available, and when tasks are scheduled. There are different types of calendars. This article looks at how to replace a base calendar, that is, the calendar used for projects and tasks, with another one.

Base calendars come in different forms:

  • Standard: the default calendar has a Monday to Friday work week and a day that runs from 08:00 to 17:00.
  • 24-hours: used for around the clock working, or for resources that run around the clock.
  • Night shift: similar to the standard calendar, the night-shift calendar has a Monday to Saturday morning work week and a day that runs from 23:00 to 08:00.

Replacing a Calendar with a New Calendar

The list of all calendars can be retrieved as CalendarCollection using the Project class. The CalendarCollection can then be used to Remove or Add a new calendar as shown in the following code sample.

The code example given below demonstrates how to replace an existing calendar with a new standard calendar.

Writing Updated Calendar Data to MPP

With Aspose.Tasks for C++, you can update calendar data in a Microsoft Project MPP file and save it back.

The following code shows how to update the calendar data of a project by adding a new calendar and saving it back to the original MPP file. The steps involved in this activity are:

  1. Read the source MPP file.
  2. Add the calendar data to the project.
  3. Save the updated project data back to the MPP file.