Actual Properties

Working with Actual Properties

The Task exposes a number of properties for determining a task’s actual properties:

  • ActualCost: a task’s actual cost (double).
  • ActualOvertimeCost: a task’s actual overtime cost (double).
  • ActualOvertimeWork: the actual overtime worked on a task.
  • ActualDuration: a task’s actual duration (TimeSpan).
  • ActualStart: the date and time that a task actually started (Date).
  • ActualFinish: the date and time that a task actually finished (Date).
  • ACWP: the actual cost of the work performed on a task (double).

The ChildTasksCollector class collects all the child tasks from a given RootTask when used by TaskUtils.

Actual Properties in Microsoft Project

To access these properties in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the View menu, select More Views and then Task Entry.
  2. On the Insert menu, select Column and add the desired columns to the Task Entry form.

Actual properties in a Microsoft Project file checking values of actual fields in Microsoft Project 2016

Getting Actual Properties with Aspose.Tasks

A tasks actual properties can be obtained by traversing the tasks in a project. The code samples below writes the actual properties for all tasks found in a project to a console window.