Aspose.Tasks for Java 18.10 Release Notes

Breaking Changes

  • We are going to put our Java port in order to minimize differences from the .NET version of the library. One of that changes is marking non-virtual methods of .NET version, as “final” in Java. In a case when such methods was overridden, compilation errors may appear in customer’s code.

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-2434 Implement reading of activity codes for XER files New Feature
TASKSNET-2697 Add recurring task parameters validation when creating recurring task Enhancement
TASKSNET-2692 Incorrect scheduling of recurring daily task Bug
TASKSNET-2659 Wrong timephased data for material resource Bug
TASKSNET-2649 Fix issues with formula calculation Bug
TASKSNET-2643 Loading MPP file raises Exception Bug
TASKSNET-2590 Custom fields' values are not formatted properly when saving a project to PDF Bug
TASKSNET-2735 Incorrect start of recurring task Bug
TASKSJAVA-677 Aspose.Tasks throws exception when trying loading document in few threads Bug
TASKSJAVA-712 Problems Loading MPP with project summary (Project 2016) Bug
TASKSJAVA-675 Wrong number of task links after export Bug
TASKSJAVA-679 Unsupported comma in task summary while exporting to MPX format Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.ValidationException Represents an exception which is thrown when errors are found during validation of entity.
The following public methods and properties were added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.Project.recalculateResourceFields Recalculates Start and Finish of resources.
com.aspose.tasks.Project.recalculateResourceFields Recalculates Id, Start and Finish of resources.
The following public methods and properties had been obsolete more than one year and were deleted: **
com.aspose.tasks.TaskBaselineCollection.getCount Use com.aspose.tasks.TaskBaselineCollection.size() instead.
com.aspose.tasks.ResourceCollection.getCount Use com.aspose.tasks.ResourceCollection.size() instead.