Aspose.Tasks for Java 18.6 Release Notes

Major Improvements

All Changes

Key Summary Category
TASKSNET-2457 Forbid a changing of the work contour type for manual task and assignment without resource Enhancement
TASKSNET-730 Implement extended attribute writing for resource assignments New Feature
TASKSNET-2468 Fix calculation of Stop/Resume dates when assignment percent work complete equals 100 Bug
TASKSNET-2467 Fix calculation of Start/Finish dates when duration is set after them Bug
TASKSNET-2466 Fix calculation of Stop/Resume dates of tasks during recalculation Bug
TASKSNET-2461 AT writes contoured timephased data in wrong way - work is different Bug
TASKSNET-2456 A HyperlinkBase project property value is truncated up to 15 characters Bug
TASKSNET-2453 Duration is zeroed when material resource is being used Bug
TASKSNET-2452 No links on tasks after an export to PDF/HTML/Images Bug
TASKSNET-2450 Resource usage distribution is not correct in the resultant MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-2449 Wrong elapsed duration for a summary task Bug
TASKSNET-2435 Partial baselines are skipped when reading assignments' baselines Bug
TASKSNET-2433 XER to MPP raises TaskWritingException Bug
TASKSNET-2428 Baseline* extended attribute values for assignments are lost in AT-resaved file. Bug
TASKSNET-2400 Wrong duration set for all tasks when elapsed days set for a task Bug
TASKSNET-2388 Wrong dates/duration set in MPP for CalculationMode.None and IsManual = true Bug
TASKSNET-2364 Extra extended attribute value fetched for a task Bug
TASKSNET-2330 Schedule is broken after a resave of XML MSP project with custom timephased data Bug
TASKSNET-700 Extended attributes lost while resaving MPP file Bug