Aspose.Tasks for Java 19.10 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-1904 Render comments when saving as image, HTML or PDF New Feature
TASKSNET-3142 Implement reading of projects using “ReadProjectCoreData” internal API of Project Server New Feature
TASKSJAVA-983 Set “Last Saved on” of Baseline while creating a file New Feature
TASKSNET-2511 Add check for OutlineCodeId uniqueness Enhancement
TASKSNET-1639 Provision of a facility to check if the schedule has a conflict with other Enhancement
TASKSNET-3187 Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException when rendering Gantt chart Bug
TASKSNET-3151 Fix incorrect reading of Tsk.Id values Bug
TASKSNET-3140 Fix corruption of SaveOptions.PresentationFormat property after saving of the project Bug
TASKSNET-3105 Fix rendering to use updated header and footer info without resaving of the project. Bug
TASKSJAVA-907 Aspose.Tasks 19.4: Image for a view header/footer does not persist in rasterized MS Project document Bug
TASKSNET-3093 Fix infinite loop when Gantt chart with the custom font is rendered Bug
TASKSNET-3029 Text font info and image scaling is not persisted when saving the project to MPP Bug
TASKSNET-3244 Fix NullReferenceException when trying to save the project with duration lookup Bug
TASKSNET-3298 Error with open server project: Calendar with Uid = 0 Bug
TASKSNET-3297 Aspose.Tasks 19.5 throws an error while saving a resource with zero units Bug
TASKSNET-3290 Fix rounding error in the actual calculation Bug
TASKSNET-3258 Fix circular reference after file save Bug
TASKSNET-3186 Fix update of %Complete for milestone tasks Bug
TASKSNET-3124 Fix tasks saved as collapsed, but displayed as expanded in MSP 2010 Bug
TASKSNET-3095 Fix tasks saved as collapsed, but displayed as expanded in MSP Bug
TASKSNET-3342 Fix exception on the file loading Bug
TASKSNET-3320 Fix calculation of timephased data for “unassigned” resource assignments Bug
TASKSNET-3319 Fix exception while reading of MSP 2019 MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3259 Fix root task visibility after a resave of project Bug
TASKSNET-3147 Fix task splitting algorithm for non-working days Bug
TASKSNET-3424 Add writing DurationText tag in XML output Bug
TASKSNET-3414 Page order ignored when saving into PDF Bug
TASKSNET-3412 Fix TasksReadingException on loading MS Project XML file Bug
TASKSNET-3391 Fix double-parsing of MPP structure when .mpp file is opened Bug
TASKSNET-3364 Fix incorrect writing/reading of extended attributes when baseline and null resource assignment were added Bug
TASKSNET-3331 Fix incorrect calculation of tasks' ids Bug
TASKSNET-3330 Elements missing in exported PDF Bug
TASKSNET-3164 Too many external resources when rendering Project to HTML Bug
TASKSNET-3141 Fix timeline rendering Bug
TASKSNET-3101 Fix generation of custom timephased data Bug
TASKSJAVA-986 Fix incorrect reporting of the actual work Bug
TASKSNET-3424 Fix issue with metered integration Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were deleted: Description
The following public methods and properties were added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.Project.setBaselineSaveTime(int,java.util.Date) Sets the baseline save time.
com.aspose.tasks.ExtendedAttribute.toString Returns short string representation of an extended attribute.
com.aspose.tasks.ProjectOnlineReader.getProjectRawData(java.util.UUID) Gets the project’s binary data for troubleshooting purposes.
com.aspose.tasks.ProjectServerCredentials.#ctor(String,String,String) Initializes a new instance of the com.aspose.tasks.ProjectServerCredentials class using url of SharePoint site, user name and password.
com.aspose.tasks.ProjectServerCredentials.getUserName Gets the user name for SharePoint site
The following public enumerations were added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.Field.TaskBaseLineFixedCost Represents the Baseline Fixed Cost (Task) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Field.ResourceTypeIsCost Represents the Type (Cost) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Field.ResourceAssignmentBaseLineWork Represents the Baseline Work (Assignment) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Field.ResourceAssignmentBaseLineCost Represents the Baseline Cost (Assignment) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Field.ResourceAssignmentBaseLineStart Represents the Baseline Start (Assignment) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Field.ResourceAssignmentBaseLineFinish Represents the Baseline Finish (Assignment) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Field.ResourceAssignmentBaseLineCostPerUse Represents the Baseline Cost Per Use (Assignment) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Field.ResourceAssignmentGuid Represents the Guid (Assignment) field.
com.aspose.tasks.TaskKey.ParentTaskGuid Represents the ParentTaskGuid (Task) field.