Aspose.Tasks for Java 19.12 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSJAVA-983 Implement a feature to set “Last Saved on” of a baseline while creating a file New Feature
TASKSNET-2482 Implement a feature to add tasks columns on each exported page New Feature
TASKSNET-3579 Enhance task filtering logic for Gantt, Task Usage, and Task Sheet views Enhancement
TASKSNET-3517 Enhance XML to MPP copying procedure of view information Enhancement
TASKSNET-3289 Enhance reading of linked OLE object properties Enhancement
TASKSJAVA-981 Fix exception while reading MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3463 Fix overflow exception on reading MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3460 Fix overflow exception on loading MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3459 Fix generation of TDs for Cost resources Bug
TASKSNET-3458 Fix excel unreadable error after mpp conversion Bug
TASKSNET-3455 Fix tasks in MSP 2003 file corrupted after resaving Bug
TASKSNET-3451 Fix missing resource GUID after resave Bug
TASKSNET-3444 Fix crash when saving MPP as XML due to Formula-Column Bug
TASKSNET-3441 Fix exception on loading protected MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3426 Fix reading of Tsk.Finish date from XML file Bug
TASKSJAVA-827 Fix resource GUID is not being saved correctly in MSP 2003 Bug
TASKSNET-3216 Fix parsing of formula to accept ‘;’ as arguments separator Bug
TASKSJAVA-894 Fix an issue with generating of task with different resources Bug
TASKSNET-3197 Fix schedule differences in resaved MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3180 Fix reading of Start/Finish from mpp Bug
TASKSNET-2737 Fix saving MPP file with default GanttChartView view Bug
TASKSNET-2390 Fix non-visible Resource Assignment in Task Usage view in project saved by MPP Bug
TASKSNET-3525 Fix creation of assignment with material and work resources Bug
TASKSNET-3511 Fix Conholdate license exception while setting Bug
TASKSNET-3510 Fix resave of file results in unreadable MPP Bug
TASKSNET-3509 Fix exception on loading MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3506 Fix reading of ExtendedAttributeDefinition.CalculationType for custom attributes with “Formula” calculation type. Bug
TASKSJAVA-977 Fix reading of saved time-phased data Bug
TASKSNET-3471 Fix incorrect week representation when Sunday is the first day in a calendar Bug
TASKSNET-3454 Fix issue with slow generation of tasks Bug
TASKSNET-3609 Fix missing tasks when the copied project is opened in MS Project Bug
TASKSNET-3592 Fix incorrect saving of Task Usage view Bug
TASKSNET-3586 Task splitting method is not working Bug
TASKSNET-3569 Fix invalid values of TDs for a material resource Bug
TASKSJAVA-977 Fix incorrect reporting of the actual work Bug
TASKSNET-3527 Fix distribution of work for assignments Bug
TASKSNET-3526 Fix work distribution when custom TDs are used Bug
TASKSNET-2858 Fix incorrect split parts presentation in MSP for material assignment with custom TDs Bug
TASKSNET-2587 Fix direct addition of time-phased data into the task TDs collection Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.ResourceAssignmentCollection.add(com.aspose.tasks.Task,com.aspose.tasks.Resource,java.math.BigDecimal) Adds new assignment to the ResourceAssignmentCollection.



Gets or sets the encoding of the resulting .XLSX file.
com.aspose.tasks.WeekDayCollection.clear Clear the WeekDayCollection object.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType Represents HTML image type.
The following public enumerations were added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Jpeg JPEG JFIF.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Png Portable Network Graphics.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Bmp Windows Bitmap.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Gif Gif image format
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Tiff Tiff image format
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Svg SVG image format
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Svgz Compressed SVG
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.Unknown Unknown format
The following public methods and properties were deleted: Description