Aspose.Tasks for Java 19.7 Release Notes


  • Implemented resource prefix for nested resources.

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-2992 Implement resource prefix for nested resources New Feature
TASKSNET-3075 Add validation of SaveFileFormat.SVG save option Enhancement
TASKSNET-2917 Aspose.Tasks saves pages as an image without headers and footers Enhancement
TASKSNET-2600 Include header information in the PDF output file Enhancement
TASKSNET-3104 Fix NullReferenceException when trying to save project without GanttChart view. Bug
TASKSNET-3094 Fix invalid row’s background and foreground colors after resaving of MPP. Bug
TASKSNET-3092 Fix wrong assignment dates calculated by Aspose.Tasks Bug
TASKSJAVA-838 Fix Argument Exception “Item with Same Key has already been added” when saving MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-3078 Fix IsMilestone field calculation for CalculationMode.None Bug
TASKSNET-3069 Fix invalid background color of rows in Gantt Chart view for project saved in MSP 2007 Bug
TASKSNET-2958 Fix a case when a file cannot be saved in MS Project after resaving in Aspose.Tasks Bug
TASKSNET-2602 Fix spaces between days on Timeline Bug
TASKSNET-2254 Fix task progress after PercentComplete being updated Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were added: Description



Gets or sets a percentage to reduce or enlarge the spacing between units on the timescale tier



Gets or sets the nested resource URI.



Gets or sets the displayed size of the left image.



Gets or sets the displayed size of the center image.



Gets or sets the displayed size of the right image.
The following public enumerations were added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.PrjKey.TemplateFullPath Represents the Template (Project) full file name.