Aspose.Tasks for Java 20.10 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-4285 Implement a check that file is encrypted New Feature
TASKSNET-4311 Improve resource deletion execution time Enhancement
TASKSNET-4365 Add and ability to assign cost to the Resource Assignment in manual calculation mode Enhancement
TASKSNET-4435 Disable recalculation of Tsk.Cost and Tsk.FixedCost in manual calculation mode Enhancement
TASKSNET-4416 Review Metered license and update the credit charge algorithm Enhancement
TASKSNET-4308 Fix incorrect ActualStart of manual assigned tasks Bug
TASKSNET-4278 Fix incorrect calculation of timephased data for assignment’s remaining work Bug
TASKSNET-4270 Fix recalculation of assignments' work and timephased data for task with Type = “FixedWork” when task’s duration is changed Bug
TASKSNET-4256 Fix invalid generated TimephasedData for assignments of Fixed Duration tasks Bug
TASKSNET-4371 Fix incorrect reading of MPP with a large number of long assignments Bug
TASKSNET-4370 Fix bad performance while deleting of resources when CalculationMode.Manual is set Bug
TASKSNET-4363 Fix task’s assignments are not visible in Task usage view Bug
TASKSNET-4154 Fix invalid recalculated Start and Finish values for assignment with zero duration Bug
TASKSNET-4350 Fix missing ActualFinish Bug
TASKSNET-4350 ActualFinish is showing as NA for some tasks Bug
TASKSNET-4390 Fix file resaved with Aspose.Tasks cannot be opened by MSP 2016 Bug

Changes in Metered licenses

For Metered license the credit charging logic have been modified in the following way:

  1. For each loading or creation of a project instance the customer is charged with 1 credit.
  2. For large files, every 20MB file chunk, after the first 20MB, will incur an additional one credit surcharge.
  3. Save operation is not charged
Project p = new Project(); // New project is created: 1 credit is charged
Project p2 = new Project("test project"); // Project is opened from file: 1 credit is charged and 1 credit for every 20MB file chunk, after the first 20MB"output.mpp", SaveFileFormat.MPP); // no credit is charged"output.pdf", SaveFileFormat.PDF); // no credit is charged

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public property was added: Description
com.aspose.tasks.ProjectFileInfo.isPasswordProtected Gets a value indicating whether a project is password protected.
The following public types were deleted: Description
com.aspose.tasks.ProjectOnlineReader Replaced by ProjectServerManager type.
The following public methods and properties were deleted: Description
com.aspose.tasks.Value.getNumberValue Replaced with getNumericValue
com.aspose.tasks.Value.setNumberValue Replaced with setNumericValue(BigDecimal)