Aspose.Tasks for Java 20.8 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-4209 Fix default columns for Task sheet in XLSX export Enhancement
TASKSNET-4153 Fix “IsMilestone” flag is not reset when the duration of a task is changed to non zero value and vice versa Enhancement
TASKSNET-4223 Fix InvalidCastException while converting of MPP to graphic formats Bug
TASKSJAVA-1159 On saving a project the InvalidOperationException exception has been thrown Bug
TASKSJAVA-1157 Milestone property wrong when writing task Bug
TASKSNET-4210 Fix exception on the loading of MPP file Bug
TASKSNET-4206 Fix reading of time-phased data in the case when assignment' start of finish is a non-working day Bug
TASKSNET-4196 Fix inability to set assignment’s OutlineCode lookup values in a file saved by Aspose.Tasks Bug
TASKSJAVA-1135 Timephased data and task duration Bug
TASKSNET-3741 Fix incorrect written .xml when enterprise fields are present in a project Bug
TASKSNET-4257 Fix allocation of a certain number of hours over the duration of a task Bug
TASKSNET-4252 Fix infinite loop while converting the file from MPP to PDF Bug
TASKSNET-4047 Fix reading writing of null resources to PWA Bug
TASKSNET-3472 Fix calculation of Asn.Peak, Asn.LateStart, Rsc.Peak Bug
TASKSNET-4219 Fix application of a license for some scenarios Bug
TASKSNET-4278 Fix incorrect calculation of time-phased data for assignment’s remaining work Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public types were deleted: Description
The following public types were deleted: Description