Aspose.Tasks for Java 6.5.0 Release Notes

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

Following changes have been made to the public API in Aspose.Tasks for Java 6.5.0.

The following public classes were added:
Name Description
Filter Represents a filter in Project. This class is a member of the Filters collection.
FilterCriteria Defines the criteria that tasks or resources must meet to be displayed in MSP view.
Filters A collection of Filter objects.
GanttBarStyle Represents a bar style used by MSP in Gantt Chart view.
GanttChartView Represents a GanttChart view. This class inherits from View class.
Gridlines Represents grid lines that appear in a GanttChart view.
Group Represents a group definition. This class is a member of the Project.ResourceGroups collection or the Project.TaskGroups collection.
GroupCriteria A collection of GroupCriterion objects.
GroupCriterion Represents a criterion in a group definition. This class is a member of the GroupCriteria collection.
Groups A collection of Group objects.
ProgressLines Represents progress lines in a Gantt Chart view.
RecurringIntervals Represents recurring intervals used in progress lines of a Gantt Chart view.
Table Represents a table in Project. This class is a member of the Tables collection.
TableField Represents a field of a table in Project. This class is a member of the TableFields list.
TableFields A list of TableField objects.
TableTextStyle Represents a text style in a view table. This class inherits from TextStyle class.
Tables A collection of Table objects.
View Represents a view in Project. This class is a member of the Views collection.
Views A collection of View objects.
The following public enumerated types were added:
Name Description
BackgroundPattern Specifies background pattern used in text styles.
DateLabel Specifies the display format for date and time labels in a timescale tier.
Field Specifies a resource or task field in Project.
FilterComparisonType Specifies the type of comparison made between Field and Value that acts as selection criteria for the filter.
FilterOperation Specifies how the criterion established with Field, Test, and Value relates to other criteria in the filter.
GanttBarEndShape Specifies the start or end shape of a task bar on a Gantt chart.
GanttBarFillPattern Specifies a fill pattern used in the middle shape of a Gantt bar.
GanttBarMiddleShape Specifies a middle shape used in a Gantt bar.
GanttBarSize Specifies the height of a Gantt bar.
GanttBarType Specifies the Gantt bar type.
GroupOn Specifies the type of grouping.
Interval Specifies recurring intervals to display progress lines at.
ItemType Specifies the type of an item.
RecurringInterval.DayType Specifies a day type used in progress lines.
TimescaleUnit Specifies the unit of time for any tier of a timescale in a Gantt chart or other timephased view.
ViewScreen Specifies the screen type for a view.

|The following public methods were added to existing classes:|| |Name|Description| |Filters Project.getTaskFilters()|Gets all the task-based filter definitions of a project.| |Filters Project.getResourceFilters()|Gets all the resource-based filter definitions of a project.| |Views Project.getViews()|Gets all the views of a project.| |Tables Project.getTables()|Gets all the tables of a project.| |Groups Project.getTaskGroups()|Gets all the task-based group definitions of a project.| |Groups Project.getResourceGroups()|Gets all the resource-based group definitions of a project.|