Aspose.Tasks for Java 7.1.0 Release Notes

Major Features

We have significantly improved rendering into to pdf format. MPP GantChart TimeScale information is used for rendering specifically. Also, GanttChart rendering resolved for bars that are in footer section. Saving Project Data to multiple PDF files option was supported. Eight bugs were fixed. Please see list of all changes below.

All Changes

Issue Type Key Summary
Task TASKS-33767 Implement SF links rendering
Task TASKS-33762 Implement manual column rendering as Task Mode with indicator
Task TASKS-33746 Implement field aliases rendering when saving project views
Task TASKS-33770 TASKS-33756 Implement original label format rendering for timescale tiers.
Task TASKS-33769 TASKS-33756 Implement Gantt Chart timescale tiers rendering for weeks-years and days.
Task TASKS-33744 TASKS-33661 Add Inactive milestone, inactive summary and manual summary roll up rendering to GanttChart and page legend
Task TASKS-33740 TASKS-33661 Add start/finish/duration only to page legend
Task TASKS-33739 TASKS-33661 Add task splits rendering to GanttChart and page legend
Task TASKS-33738 TASKS-33661 Add external tasks rendering in GanttChart and page legend
Task TASKS-33737 TASKS-33661 Add project info to legend
Enhancement TASKS-33765 Retain the text color while MPP -> PDF conversion
Enhancement TASKS-33756 Use source MPP GantChart TimeScale information for rendering to PDF
Enhancement TASKS-33755 Customize Date/Time format from source MPP to PDF
Enhancement TASKS-33745 Render all the columns as per source MPP: Provide support for TaskUsage and ResourceUsage
Enhancement TASKS-33731 Provision of Rendering Extra Resource Information while rendering MPP
Enhancement TASKS-33698 Saving Project Data to multiple PDF files
Enhancement TASKS-33661 MPP->PDF, Footer section does not contain all symbols as compared to PDF generated by MSP
Bug TASKS-33774 ResourceAssignment.setWork raises exception
Bug TASKS-33766 UID differ while conversion from MPP -> PDF
Bug TASKS-33764 Columns from source MPP are not retained in output PDF
Bug TASKS-33763 MPP->PDF generates blank output
Bug TASKS-33759 Link arrows with negative lags missing between task in Gantt Chart
Bug TASKS-33754 Tasks from MPP cannot be read
Bug TASKS-33751 TasksReadingException exception raised while opening the MPP
Bug TASKS-33741 Actual Start/Finish not updated for parent tasks

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public enumerations were added:

Class Name Description
DateFormat Specifies the date format for date fields of a project view.

The following public methods were added to existing classes:

Method Name Description
byte Project.getDateFormat() Returns the date format for date fields of a project view.
Project.setDateFormat(byte) Sets the date format for date fields of a project view.

The following public fields were added to existing classes:

Field Name Description
Visualization.BarItemType.ManualSummary Manual summary item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.Split Split item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.ExternalTasks External tasks.
Visualization.BarItemType.ExternalMilestone External milestones.
Visualization.BarItemType.Deadline Deadline item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.Progress Progress.
Visualization.BarItemType.StartOnly Start-only item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.FinishOnly Finish-only item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.DurationOnly Duration-only item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.InactiveMilestone Inactive milestone item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.InactiveSummary Inactive summary item type.
Visualization.BarItemType.SummaryRollup Summary rollup.
Visualization.BarShape.LineBottom Bottom line.
Visualization.Shape.LeftFade Left fade.
Visualization.Shape.RightFade Right fade.
Visualization.TextItemType.OverallocatedResources Overallocated resources.