Aspose.Tasks For Java 9.1.0 Release Notes

Major Features

We have implemented Task.DurationText field for mpp writing and reading. New constructor has been added to Project class to work with Primavera Project. Also reading all project UID from Primavera XML has been implemented.About three bugs have been fixed.

All Changes

Issue Type Key Summary
Investigation TASKS-34323 Read Task.DurationText field from project file
New Feature TASKS-34271 Provide constructor for Project(Stream steam,PrimaveraXmlReadingOptions options)
New Feature TASKS-34270 Read all projects UID from Primavera XML to get list of UID
Task TASKS-34326 TASKS-33909 Implement Task.DurationText field writing to mpp 2010/2013 formats
Bug TASKS-34348 Project reading exception while loading the MPP file
Bug TASKS-34329 Reading MPP file raises ProjectReadingException
Bug TASKS-34320 Project reading exception raised while loading the project

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public classes were added:

Class Name Description
com.aspose.tasks.PrimaveraXmlReader Represents a reader which reads Project UIDs from Primavera Xml file

The following public fields were added to existing classes:

Field Name Description
com.aspose.tasks.TaskKey.DurationText Represents the DurationText (Task) field.
com.aspose.tasks.Tsk.DURATION_TEXT Returns the task’s duration text.