Reading Table Data from MPP files in Ruby

Aspose.Tasks - Reading Table Data from MPP files

To read Table Data from MPP files using Aspose.Tasks Java for Ruby, simply invoke ReadingTableData module. Here you can see example code.

Ruby Code

 1project = Rjb::import('com.aspose.tasks.Project').new('test_tasks.mpp')
 2t1 = project.getTables().toList().get(0)
 3puts "Table Fields Count" + t1.getTableFields().size().to_s
 4f = t1.getTableFields().get(0)
 5puts "Field width: " + f.getWidth().to_s
 6puts "Field Title: " + f.getTitle().to_s
 7puts "Field Title Alignment: " + f.getAlignTitle().to_s
 8puts "Field Align Data: " + f.getAlignData().to_s
 9f = t1.getTableFields().get(1)
10puts "Field width: " + f.getWidth().to_s
11puts "Field Title: " + f.getTitle().to_s
12puts "Field Title Alignment: " + f.getAlignTitle().to_s
13puts "Field Align Data: " + f.getAlignData().to_s

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