Render Project to Multipage TIFF

Rendering to Multipage TIFF

The following code sample:

  1. Reads a project file.
  2. Sets the output file format.
  3. Applies compression and saves an image to disk.
  4. Removes compression and saves an image to disk.

Code Example


 //Source file to be converted to TIFF

String file = "RenderMe.mpp";

Project project = new Project(file);

//Save the project to TIFF"RenderMe.tif", SaveFileFormat.TIFF);

//Save the project with CCITT4 compression

ImageSaveOptions options = new ImageSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.TIFF);

options.setTiffCompression(TiffCompression.Ccitt4);"RenderMe_options.tif", options);

//Remove the compression

options.setTiffCompression(TiffCompression.None);"RenderMe_comp_none.tif", options);