Aspose.Tasks for .NET 17.9 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Category
TASKSNET-2109 Exception raised while loading the mpp file Bug
TASKSNET-2105 ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception if 24 Hours Calendar is set Bug
TASKSNET-2104 Program hangs while setting Tsk.Start for a Task Bug
TASKSNET-2102 Wrong Actual Finish date in MPP as compared to XML output Bug
TASKSNET-2095 Summary task fields are empty Bug
TASKSNET-2094 Exception raised while saving MPX as PDF Bug
TASKSNET-2093 Child tasks are not rendered in PNG without saving the project first Bug
TASKSNET-2092 All values of BarStyle’s From and To fields are changed Bug
TASKSNET-2090 Loading project file raises Exception Bug
TASKSNET-2048 Saving into image by page not working properly Bug
TASKSNET-2035 Percent complete not set properly in MPP Bug
TASKSNET-1788 Setting Project Start date raises ArgumentOutOfRangeException Bug
TASKSNET-1749 Assignment Cost is not displayed for Cost resources in Microsoft Project 2013 Bug
TASKSNET-1727 Text extended attribute created by the formula is read as a date by Aspose.Tasks Bug
TASKSNET-1716 Project recalculation throws an exception with cleared ActualStart and ActualFinish properties Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were added: Description
Aspose.Tasks.Project.GetPageCount(Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.PageSize,Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.Timescale) Returns page count for the project to be rendered using given and .
Aspose.Tasks.Project.Save(System.String,Aspose.Tasks.Saving.ImageSaveOptions) Saves the document to a file using the specified save options.