Handling Variances

A work variance is the difference between the estimated work (the baseline) and actual work performed.

Handling Variances

The WorkVariance property exposed by the Resource class handles variance in work:

Microsoft Project View of Resource Work Variance

To see the resource work variance in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the Resource Sheet, go to the Insert menu and select Column.
  2. Add the Variance column.

Getting Resource Work Variance in Aspose.Tasks

The following examples show how to get resource work variance using Aspose.Tasks.

1Project project = new Project("New Project.mpp");
2foreach (ResourceAssignment ra in project.ResourceAssignments)
4    Resource resource = ra.Get(Asn.Resource);
5    double d = resource.Get(Rsc.WorkVariance);
6    Console.WriteLine(d);
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