Managing Estimated and Milestone Tasks

In Microsoft Project, milestones are used to monitor a project’s progress. Milestones are crucial points in the project. Typically, a milestone’s a task with no duration but any task can be marked as a milestone. Aspose.Tasks helps you manage milestones.

Working with Milestones

The Task class exposes the IsEstimated and IsMilestone properties to manage estimated and milestone tasks:

  • IsEstimated: set and get whether a task is estimated (boolean).
  • IsMilestone: set and get whether a task is a milestone (boolean).

Viewing Estimated and Milestone Tasks in Microsoft Project

To check whether a task is estimates of marked as a milestone in Microsoft Project one need to double-click on a task in the Task Entry form:

is the task a milestone or estimated

Finding out Whether a Task is Estimated or a Milestone

The following code examples show how to find out whether a task is estimated or a milestone using Aspose.Tasks.