Rendering Notes When Converting MS Project MPP file

MS Project allows the user to add notes for task, resource or assignment. Notes field contains comment in Rich Text Format: Example of task note in MS Project.

MS Project has “Print notes” setting in view’s “Page Setup” dialog. The setting allows the notes to be rendered when project is saved to PDF via “Save As” command.

Print notes setting in MS Project

Rendering Task, Resource or Assignment Notes When Converting Project Using Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides PageViewSettings. PrintNotes flag property to determine whether to print notes under PageInfo.

The following code snippets demonstrates how to enable rendering of task, resource or assignment’s comments when saving the project as an image, HTML or PDF file.

1Project project = new Project("New Project.mpp");
2project.DefaultView.PageInfo.PageViewSettings.PrintNotes = true;
3project.Save("ProjectWithComments.pdf", SaveFileFormat.PDF);

The notes are rendered on last page(-s) of the resulting document.

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