Rendering Resource Sheet View

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Microsoft Project’s Resource Sheet view provides details about all a project’s resources. Resource information such as name, type, standard and overtime rates, costs, and calendar can be viewed using this view. Aspose.Tasks for .NET API supports rendering the Resource Sheet to PDF using the PresentationFormat enumerator.

Rendering Resource Sheet View

The code snippet in this article reads a source MPP file that has a number of resources and renders these to output PDF using the following steps:

  1. Create an instance of Project Reader.
  2. Read the source MPP file.
  3. Set the PresentationFormat to ResourceSheet.
  4. Render the project to output PDF.
1Project project = new Project("New Project.mpp");
3// Set the Presentation Format to Resource Sheet
4PresentationFormat format = PresentationFormat.ResourceSheet;
6// Define rendering options
7SaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions();
8options.PresentationFormat = format;
9project.Save("ResourceSheetView_out.pdf", options);
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