Reporting Services

Aspose.Tasks Reporting Services

Types of Report

The following types of reports can be created using Aspose.Tasks:

  1. Project overview
  2. Resource cost overview
  3. Cost overview
  4. Work overview
  5. Critical tasks
  6. Milestones
  7. Late tasks
  8. Resource overview
  9. Cost overruns
  10. Upcoming task
  11. Task cost overview
  12. Over-allocated resources
  13. Slipping tasks
  14. Best practice analyzer
  15. Burn down
  16. Cash flow

The sample code snippets below can be used to create these reports. All the sample MPP files used in these examples are present as attachments for testing the sample code.

Project Overview

exported project overview report example .NET

Resource Cost Overview

exported resource cost overview report example .NET

Cost Overview

exported cost overview report example .NET

Work Overview

exported work overview report example .NET

Critical Tasks

exported critical tasks report example .NET


exported milestones report example .NET

Late Tasks

exported late tasks report example .NET

Resource Overview

exported resource overview report example .NET

Cost Overruns

exported cost overruns report example .NET

Upcoming Task

exported upcoming task report example .NET

Task Cost Overview

exported task cost overview report example .NET

Over-allocated Resources

exported over-allocated resources report example .NET

Slipping Tasks

exported slipping report example .NET

Best Practice Analyzer

exported best practice report example .NET

Burn Down

exported practice analyzer report example .NET

Cash Flow

exported burndown report example .NET