WBS Associated with a Task

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) codes, lets you assign outline numbers to tasks according to the needs of your business. It’s a method for applying a customized outline scheme to a project. Aspose.Tasks for .NET supports this feature.

Working with Work Breakdown Structure

The WBS and WBSLevel properties exposed by the Tsk class are used to read and write a tasks work breakdown structure.

Microsoft Project View of WBS

To view WBS information in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the Task Entry Form, select the Insert menu and then Column.
  2. Add the WBS column.

Getting WBS in Aspose.Tasks

The following examples show how to get a task’s WBS value using Aspose.Tasks.

Adding WBS Code Definitions in Aspose.Tasks

Aspose.Tasks for .NET allows adding WBS code definition for tasks to a project same as Microsoft Project.WBSCodeDefinition class exposes various properties that can be used to generate desired WBS codes in a project. The following code sample demonstrates setting up WBS code definitions in a project.

Renumber WBS Codes

Aspose.Tasks for .NET API is able to renumber WBS codes similar to MSP’s “Renumber” function.