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If you have already read “Introduction to TeXs”, then you probably feel that the use of the words “convert” and “conversion” is not quite appropriate in the context of TeX, since the typesetting of a TeX file is not really a mapping from one format to another. Nevertheless, following the tradition and tastes of the customer, we allow the use of these words, and in this part, we will use them when it is most appropriate. Moreover, from time to time we may also use (OMG) the words “transform” and “transformation”.

The chapters of this part will guide you through the conversion features of Aspose.TeX for Java, starting with the simplest use cases for the most popular target formats and ending with advanced fine-tuning options. Taking into account the fact that LaTeX files are more common nowadays than TeX files in any other format, we will not waste your time telling you about the conversion of the latter. Instead, we will only mention it later.

At this point, we need to note that Aspose.TeX’s LaTeX support includes all the files of the basic LaTeX system and the files of a number of the most common packages, such as amsmath, geometry, graphics and others. In general, if you get an error regarding a missing package, then your case is a little more complicated than the simplest one. Here we offer a clue to the solution.

Have fun reading!

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