1. Introduction to AMS-LATEX | LaTeX manual

AMS-LATEX version 1.0 was released in 1990 and presented the original conversion to LaTeX of the math capabilities in Michael Spivak’s AMS-TEX by Frank Mittelbach and Rainer Schopf, who worked as consultants to the AMS, with assistance from Michael Downes of the AMS tech staff. In 1994, the further work was done with David M. Jones.

Amsmath package accepts a few options that mainly affect the positioning of limits on various math operators or the positioning of equation tags.

Available amsmath package options

The following three options may be used as global document options (specified in the \documentclass command) or as amsmath package options when it is loaded with the \usepackage command.

reqno (default)Place equation numbers (tags) on the right.
leqnoPlace equation numbers (tags) on the left (default, when using the AMS-LATEX document classes).
fleqnPosition equations at a fixed indent from the left margin rather than centered in the text column.

Available subpackages

In the AMS-LATEX distribution, you can also find components that can be loaded independently by the \usepackage command. The following smaller packages provide some features of the amsmath package:

amsopnProvides \DeclareMathOperator for defining new operator names such as \Ker and \esssup.
amstextProvides the \text command for typesetting a fragment of text in the correct type size.

Extension packages

The packages listed below provide additional features and must be loaded explicitly.

amscdDefines some commands to make it easier to generate commutative diagrams.
amsthmProvides a method to declare theorem-like structures and offers a proof environment.
amsxtraProvides certain odds and ends that are needed for historical compatibility, such as \fracwithdelims, \accentedsymbol, and commands for placing accents as superscripts.
uprefMakes \ref print cross-reference numbers in an upright/Roman font regardless of context.
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