Building maths with AMS's LaTeX packages

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Basic LaTeX has a fairly wide range of capabilities for typesetting math material in straightforward documents. But you may need something more when complex displayed equations or more advanced math structures are often used. You may define new LaTeX control constructs (commands and environments) to make the typing formulas easier, but, basically, you shouldn’t. The amsmath package provided by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) makes the process easier and more consistent for you. It is, actually, the core package of the collection, AMS-LATEX. The material in this chapter is mainly dedicated to this package.

The chapter briefly discusses and provides examples of many of the features of these packages, as well as some related ones too. We also provide here some basics of math typesetting with TeX, which means that it exposes some of standard LaTeX’s features for math typesetting and layout.

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