Installation - Aspose.TeX for Python

Installing Aspose.TeX for Python from PyPi

PyPI (Python Package Index) is the official repository for third-party software packages in Python. It is managed by the Python Software Foundation, which is a charitable organization. Package managers like pip often use PyPI as the default source for Python packages and their dependencies. PyPI mainly hosts Python packages in the form of archives called sdists (source distributions) or precompiled wheels.

Referencing Aspose.TeX for Python

Taking advantage of this repository, we have bundled Aspose.TeX for Python library into a Wheel package and uploaded it to PyPI. To reference the package in your project, you can download it from the just mentioned page and then install it locally by typing the following command in your Python terminal.

1pip install <path to package>\aspose-tex-net-<version>-py3-none-<platform>.whl

Or, you can install it direcly from PyPI using the command bellow.

1pip install aspose-tex-net

To upgrade to the latest version, use the --upgrade key.

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