Aspose.Words for C++ 19.4 Release Notes

Major Features

This is the third release of Aspose.Words for C++, it took some time to prepare this release since it includes some major features, we are happy to present to you, like Layout Engine, Updating all fields, support HTML and PDF formats. Here is the list of features included since the previous release of Aspose.Words for C++:

  • Layout Engine (the module that allows building page by page model of a document).
  • Rendering document to PDF.
  • Rendering document to Image (This feature is included, however, we are still working on its improvement, so note it is in beta state).
  • Loading and saving HTML documents.
  • Loading and saving EPUB document.
  • Loading and saving MHTML documents.
  • Loading MOBI documents.
  • Insertion of HTML into the document.
  • Insertion of SVG images into the document.
  • Insertion online video.
  • Creation Dml Charts.
  • Updating fields that depend on document layout, like TOC, PAGE etc.

Limitations and API Differences

Aspose.Words for C++ has some differences as compared to its equivalent .NET version of the API. This section contains information about all such functionality that is not available in the current release. The missing features will be added in the future releases.

  • The current release supports limited set of file formats (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PDF, some image formats, HTML, EPUB, MHTML)
  • The current release doesn’t support encrypted documents.
  • The current release doesn’t support downloading remote resources from the Internet.
  • The current release has limited and unstable support for Rendering features. It will be improved in the following releases.
  • The current release doesn’t support Reporting features
  • The current release only supports Microsoft Visual C++ version 2015 or higher and only for the x64 platform.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

Key Summary Category
WORDSCPP-602 Include Updating fields (including layout) to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-601 Include Layout engine to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-600 Include Insertionhtmlinto the document to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-599 Include Insertion charts to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-598 Include Insertion online video to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-583 Include Epub codec to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-582 Include Mhtml codec to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-581 Include Html codec to porting. Feature
WORDSCPP-704 Fix VS2017 libraries naming Enhancement
WORDSCPP-610 XmlDocument.PreserveWhitespace throws NotImplementedException Enhancement
WORDSCPP-757 Incorrect behaviour of StreamWriter.Writeline(chararray, index, count) Bug
WORDSCPP-756 Encoding.Clone() losing information about UTF8Encoding.EncoderShouldEmitUTF8Identifier Bug
WORDSCPP-750 ZipReaderPal can’t extract zip with password / TestAsian.TestJira8745A Bug
WORDSCPP-749 Angle brackets in regular expressions are ported improperly. Bug
WORDSCPP-703 Stack overflow during dtor call Bug
WORDSCPP-698 Can’t add HeaderPrimary to an empty document / TestHeaders.TestHeaderFooterLinkToPrevious Bug
WORDSCPP-697 Non-empty result of SelectNodes of HeaderFooter for empty document / TestHeaders.TestNoHeaders Bug
WORDSCPP-683 Unexpected exception suffix message for NotSupportedException exception Bug
WORDSCPP-682 Cannot find resource Aspose.Resources.MsOfficeFallbackSetting.xml Bug
WORDSCPP-677 Move to the public includes any structs used as class fields (even private) Bug
WORDSCPP-673 System::Array<System::String>::Sort does not work the same as in .NET Bug
WORDSCPP-672 bool vs String ambiguity detector doesn’t work with params arguments Bug