Aspose.Words for Java 11.10.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 11.10 Release Notes

What’s New

There are 171 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Gradient fills are exported to PDF now.
  • TOC (Table Of Contents) field update performance dramatically improved.
  • Supported the Object.Attr syntax for both merge fields and tags.
  • Shape handling improved. Text wrapping polygon info read/written.
  • SvgSaveOptions.ImageSavingCallback public API member added.
  • Range.ToDocument() public API member added.
  • Added an option to specify image compression to produce smaller output PDF files.
  • Optimized multipage PDF rendering.
  • Multiple enhancements in DrawingML charts rendering.
  • Improved floater object handling in code (performance and stability).
  • Improved performance for .NET 4.0.
  • Supported Asian Typography hanging punctuation.
  • Multiple improvements in RTL layout. For a list of changes to the public API in this release refer to the following article in the documentation.

All Fixes

Key Summary Category
WORDSJAVA-602 Image gets dark when save Doc to Pdf. Bug
WORDSJAVA-637 Copying styles doesn’t work as expected when using StyleIdentifer Bug
WORDSJAVA-643 Small Jar Hell with Xerces-J Bug
WORDSJAVA-647 WORDSJAVA-636 Time zone shift in certificate date Bug
WORDSJAVA-649 File name in hyperlink URL gets corrupted when exporting to PDF by using Aspose.Word for Java Bug
WORDSJAVA-650 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs during rendering to Pdf Bug
WORDSJAVA-645 WORDSJAVA-608 Better support of Hebrew and Japanese for DateTime parsing and formatting Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-635 Exception on saving the document Exception
WORDSJAVA-636 Create Digitally Signed PDF Documents throws exception Exception
WORDSJAVA-638 Style.setName throws java.lang.ClassCastException Exception
WORDSJAVA-383 Path gradient fill is not rendered to graphics on Java Feature
WORDSJAVA-533 Support path gradient brush Feature
WORDSJAVA-653 Export gradient fills to PDF Feature
WORDSJAVA-490 When Aspose.Words for Java 10.8.0 is used, the Aspose.Words.jdk14.jar is not working with JDK 1.4.2 Regression
Key Summary Category
WORDSNET-5225 Left border of RTL table is lost Bug
WORDSNET-5226 Centered floating table in RTL context is exported to HTML as left aligned Bug
WORDSNET-5458 Style applied to hyperlink is not imported. Bug
WORDSNET-5570 Text moves to the next row during rendering. Bug
WORDSNET-5589 DOTX to DOT: DrawingML picture is not converting to Shape object Bug
WORDSNET-5724 css drop while converting html to png/tiff Bug
WORDSNET-5970 While converting doc to mhtml, bullet points behaves like symbol and Times New Roman spaces. Bug
WORDSNET-6188 There should be at least a few pages of content before truncation in evaluation mode Bug
WORDSNET-6274 Section break (Continues) in ODT is rendering as a Page Break in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-6893 Docx to EPUB conversion issue, bullets displayed as question marks in output EPUB Bug
WORDSNET-6991 UpdateFields calculates QUOTE field value incorrectly Bug
WORDSNET-7015 Paragraphs in Shape are overlapping each other during printing Bug
WORDSNET-7027 Incorrect table position when rendering to fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-7033 Extra Style are created while converting xlsm cell to Aspose.Words.Tables.Table.Cell Bug
WORDSNET-7067 MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveUnusedRegions remove only top-level regions Bug
WORDSNET-7068 Different cleanup behaviour for mail merge based on merged fields and templates Bug
WORDSNET-7070 Docx to PDF conversion issue with text rendering Bug
WORDSNET-7080 X and Y axis have incorrect numbering in DrawingMl charts in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7084 Floating table is rendering outside the Top edge of Page in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7085 Document.UpdateFields call freezes when License is set Bug
WORDSNET-7086 ODT to HTML conversion issue with GroupShapes. Bug
WORDSNET-7087 Null reference exception occurs when adding a new run to paragraph Bug
WORDSNET-7090 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7101 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering. Bug
WORDSNET-7102 Unexpected character appears during DOC to RTF to PNG conversion Bug
WORDSNET-7114 Shape in truncated at the bottom in page header on 2nd page in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7115 Paragraphs in Shape are overlapping each other in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7118 Incorrect table row height, too small. Bug
WORDSNET-7119 Math Type Equations not converted properly Docx to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7120 Incorrect page number alignment in page header Bug
WORDSNET-7121 Exception when saving Doc to EPUB with ExportFontResources option Bug
WORDSNET-7122 Word for MAC is unable to merge Aspose.Words generated document Bug
WORDSNET-7130 Content is not rendering with correct Fonts in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7133 Regions contained in IF fields are not removed Bug
WORDSNET-7134 PdfSaveOptions.ExportCustomPropertiesAsMetadata do not export custom properties Bug
WORDSNET-7139 Doc to PDF conversion issue with form controls Bug
WORDSNET-7142 Object.Attribute notation does not work when using IMailMergeDataSource Bug
WORDSNET-7157 Can’t save document as XamlFlow into the stream Bug
WORDSNET-7160 ODT Invisible field problem Bug
WORDSNET-7164 Extra characters in Farsi Language (RTL) is inserted in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7165 Docx to HTML conversion issue with bookmarks Bug
WORDSNET-7167 Border LineStyle set as HairLine do not visible in output Docx/Docm Bug
WORDSNET-7168 Alternate background color of Rows is lost during importing HTML Bug
WORDSNET-7172 Paragraph alignment is incorrect when importing HTML Bug
WORDSNET-7174 Docx to Tiff conversion issue with shape Bug
WORDSNET-7177 Docx to HTML conversion issue with chart rendering Bug
WORDSNET-7182 Docm to PDF conversion issue with NumeralFormat.ArabicIndic Bug
WORDSNET-7183 HTML Table Caption spans only first Cell instead of the entire table Bug
WORDSNET-7191 <p> inside <li> which is nested in a <OL> is imported incorrectly Bug
WORDSNET-7199 Aspose.Words freeze on loading docx file Bug
WORDSNET-7202 Consider exporting Table Alignment as ‘align’ instead of ‘style:text-align’ attribute to <div> Bug
WORDSNET-7207 Column width is imported incorrectly from HTML into Portrait Orientation of DOC Bug
WORDSNET-7213 DrawingML is squeezed to occupy smaller space in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7215 Bar chart’s data point values are not rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7218 The scale at Y-axis has incorrect values in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7220 Min Max scale value and range of values in between are incorrect in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7221 Document.UpdateFields call freezes Bug
WORDSNET-7223 Section protection is lost when importing it to another Document Bug
WORDSNET-7224 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7230 Cell borders are not preserved when importing Mhtml file Bug
WORDSNET-7232 Paragraph is incorrectly aligned as Justified when importing MHTML Bug
WORDSNET-7239 Not all Cells have correct Paragraph Alignment during Html import Bug
WORDSNET-7240 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering DOC to fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-7257 Page numbering restarts at the beginning of the Sections in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7271 Aspose.Words adds unwanted space between words Bug
WORDSNET-7276 Font name attribute is visible in RTF that is generated by Aspose.Words Bug
WORDSNET-7288 StructuredDocumentTag.Id Property return incorrect value Bug
WORDSNET-7290 List numbering is not preserved during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-7307 Font embedding problems in XPS Bug
WORDSNET-7322 Image is misaligned and shifted towards the right page edge in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-7325 Track Change history lost on converting RTF to Doc Bug
WORDSNET-7337 Checkbox FormField is not preserved during rendering to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-7346 FieldChar.IsLocked Property do not work for Doc file format. Bug
WORDSNET-4606 /text wrap:5/ Position of shapes is incorrect during rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-4860 /anchor push:20/ Support floater anchor push algorithm. Enhancement
WORDSNET-6094 List with multiple levels is not converted correctly to HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-6493 Docx to HTML conversion issue with text position after Bullet symbols Enhancement
WORDSNET-6647 Table cell widths calculation wrong for fixed preferred width tables. Enhancement
WORDSNET-6776 WORDSNET-6968 Support fixed maximum and minimum values of axis Enhancement
WORDSNET-6866 PNG images produced by latest Aspose.Words are all blured Enhancement
WORDSNET-6898 WORDSNET-6804 Implement influence of light on color of face Enhancement
WORDSNET-6899 WORDSNET-6804 Implement drawing of edges Enhancement
WORDSNET-6900 WORDSNET-6804 Implement influence of light on color of edge Enhancement
WORDSNET-6986 Make better support of complex bookmark on HTML export Enhancement
WORDSNET-7123 Use shape’s wrap points for building wrapping polygon. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7124 Cache wrapping polygon Enhancement
WORDSNET-7147 NodeCollection refactoring Enhancement
WORDSNET-7152 text:display attribute of Section is not preserved during open/save Enhancement
WORDSNET-7154 Rework floater object creation and storage to prepare for tight wrapping and vertical alignment integration Enhancement
WORDSNET-7161 WORDSNET-6804 Adjust shape boundaries during MHT rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-7162 PdfSaveOptions.NumeralFormat does not function as expected if page layout is already built Enhancement
WORDSNET-7163 Update third party licenses list Enhancement
WORDSNET-7188 Page Borders are getting distorted in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-7206 Investigate whether there is the better place to assign FallBack parent. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7210 Update ExtractImageToFiles example to include DrawingML Enhancement
WORDSNET-7211 Publish a list of the public API changes in the latest release Enhancement
WORDSNET-7228 Rework IsSvg function. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7234 ApsBoundingBoxCalculator clipping improvements Enhancement
WORDSNET-7238 Not all the characters inserted in MERGEFIELD have same formatting Enhancement
WORDSNET-7241 Shading.ForegroundPatternColor return incorrect value for ODT file Enhancement
WORDSNET-7246 Implement wrapping polygon calculation for a group shape Enhancement
WORDSNET-7255 Problem in MailMergeRegions when remove empty paragraph Enhancement
WORDSNET-7261 Chart’s data label invisible after Docx to PDF Conversion Enhancement
WORDSNET-7281 ImageSaveOptions.TiffCompression changes the color of image Enhancement
WORDSNET-7305 Splitting Pdf into pages results in creation of all resources for every new Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-7323 WORDSNET-6804 Fix incorrect projection for turned shape with direction == center. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7350 Contents are missing on converting Doc to Fixed file format. Enhancement
WORDSNET-2395 “InvalidCastException” exception occurs when try to save document in MergeField event handler. Exception
WORDSNET-3944 OutOfMemoryException is thrown when try saving large docuemnt as RTF or DOC. Exception
WORDSNET-6144 System.NullReferenceException occurs while moving the cursor to a table cell. Exception
WORDSNET-6187 UpdateFields results in exception when a field uses a very specific value Exception
WORDSNET-6234 InvalidOperationException occurs when specifying MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveEmptyParagraphs Exception
WORDSNET-6322 Exception occur while converting Doc to PDf Exception
WORDSNET-6496 Unknown shading texture index / InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering DOC to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-6619 Exception while converting doc to pdf when PreserveFormFields = true Exception
WORDSNET-6708 Exception thrown while appending document. Exception
WORDSNET-7063 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading DOCX file Exception
WORDSNET-7129 InvalidOperationException occurs when specifying MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveEmptyParagraphs Exception
WORDSNET-7131 ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-7143 Exception on working with Document/DocumentBuilder over IIS Express and IIS Exception
WORDSNET-7151 Exception on loading Docx Exception
WORDSNET-7169 shape.GetShapeRenderer() throws exception Exception
WORDSNET-7175 Exception on converting Doc to HTML Exception
WORDSNET-7250 NullReferenceException occurs upon Chart rendering. Exception
WORDSNET-7265 Exception on loading ODT file. Exception
WORDSNET-7267 Exception on loading Document Exception
WORDSNET-7268 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-7274 Exception on loading TXT file Exception
WORDSNET-7275 Exception on converting Doc to Fixed file format Exception
WORDSNET-7285 Document.Save throws exception on converting Docx to Fixed file format Exception
WORDSNET-7345 Exception on Loading ODT file Exception
WORDSNET-7373 InvalidOperationException occurs when specifying MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveEmptyParagraphs Exception
WORDSNET-7387 Document.UpdateFields throws Exception for IF fields Exception
WORDSNET-1170 Add an option that controls how to export list labels to HTML Feature
WORDSNET-3518 Allow getting Field from FieldChar’s descendants Feature
WORDSNET-5471 UnsupportedFileFormatException is thrown upon opening ODT document. Feature
WORDSNET-600 Support stuck ending punctuation Feature
WORDSNET-6696 Loading DOCX is throwing Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException Feature
WORDSNET-6771 /stuck punctuation/ Doc to PDF conversion issue with page layout Feature
WORDSNET-6896 WORDSNET-6804 Implement drawing of filled faces (without influence of light, considering z-coordinate) Feature
WORDSNET-6897 WORDSNET-6804 Implement filling of faces with certain color Feature
WORDSNET-6926 Implement node.ToDocument() function. Feature
WORDSNET-6930 Export Bullet lists as UL and LI tags to HTML Feature
WORDSNET-6941 WORDSNET-6968 Render axis title. Feature
WORDSNET-6942 WORDSNET-6968 Render data labels Feature
WORDSNET-6945 WORDSNET-6968 Render Error Bars. Feature
WORDSNET-6946 WORDSNET-6968 Support rendering Pictures, Shapes and Textboxes on Chart Area Feature
WORDSNET-7007 Add Shape compression options Feature
WORDSNET-7145 Read wrapping points from .docx file Feature
WORDSNET-7158 SvgSaveOptions doesn’t contains callback for saving resources Feature
WORDSNET-7236 File size of PDF files generated by Aspose.Words is too big. Feature
WORDSNET-7249 Read/Write wrapping points from/to .rtf file. Feature
WORDSNET-7301 Support inline style attribute of anchor tag Feature
WORDSNET-7077 Concurrent processing degrades Aspose.Words' performance Performance
WORDSNET-7186 MailMerge.Execute method throws exception Regression
WORDSNET-7237 InvalidCastException occurs during open/save a DOCX Regression
WORDSNET-6876 Investigate why UpdatePageLayout is taking too long to build layout of page Regression